Finished (as far as I’m concerned)

Some quilters don’t consider a project completed until it’s quilted, bound and labelled.  Me, I’m happy just to get the top pieced and breathe a sigh of relief.

This project I purchased way back at the beginning of my obsession, about twelve years.  I finished it last night.


It came as a pre-cut kit with multiple block options to complete the top, most of which were variations on the log cabin.  Icky!  Naturally I chose the one that resulted in the smallest quilt for my buck.  Yay me!

Starting a project as a novice and then finishing it as a somewhat competent quilter has its challenges.  Mainly, I had zero respect for stitch length and quarter inch seams.  I still maintain a live and let live attitude about most aspects of piecing including the quarter inch seam and matching points but my pieces won’t fall to pieces because of shoddy stitch length.  

Face it, I’m not in it for prizes; I’m in it to keep myself focused on not strangling folks who richly deserve it.  There are trade offs to giving up Xanax and wine, after all.

Viewed from a distance it’s a nice finish with eccentricities that will quilt out.


It’s a perfect weekend for holing up and doing some serious stitching.  See ya!



  1. I’m with you: there are at least three “finish” moments to a quilt. The top, the quilting. then all bound. The bright colors are quite fun and will be appreciated on gray winter days especially.

  2. My finished tops go into a box to await quilting (my least favourite part). Some have been there for years. they’ll get their turn eventually. I’m with you all the way. Rules spoil everything. Your quilt top is FAB! The colours are right up my street šŸ™‚

    • Oh, a quilting soul sister! I have several boxes of tops in my closet playing the waiting game, too. Thanks for the compliment…I don’t think the picture does it justice.

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