Spring Sewing 

I’ve been off work this week while The Co-Defendants broke spring and have spent most of the week keeping them occupied and out of trouble.  We hopped a train, checked out a neighboring library and had a buddy spend the night.  I’m pooped.

The weather’s finally cleared and is gorgeous.  Naturally, I have to go to work tomorrow.  😕

Today’s been spent doing a bit of sewing and preparing for an upcoming retreat.  Hallelujah!  I haven’t retreated in an age and am really looking forward to it.

I finished up the binding on the second fraternal quilt.  I must say I do love the quilting on this one.

My go-to quilting is in the ditch or, if I’m using my mom’s short arm, stippling.  This one I just played ’round with and voila!

The backing is Veggie Tales I got on clearance.  Three cheers for us cheapskates!!

I also finished up a top I made from a jelly roll by Deb Strain I purchased at an after Christmas clearance sale.  Ask me what line and I’ll have to lie.  I’m doing well to remember the kids’ names.

Doesn’t Lennie look fab?

Don’t ask me why I’m sewing up snowman fabric in March.  Just go with it.

I’ve picked out some projects for retreat, having decided this will be a UFO retreat.  I swear they’re like rabbits!  I never knew I had that many in-progress projects.

I won’t even bring up the tops that need to be quilted.  Ugh.  Don’t ask.

Until next time.


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