With luck, we’ve seen the last of ick and illness in our household for 2015. January wasn’t kind as three out of four of us got the flu. All except Himself because God’s merciful like that.

All that to say: quilting’s been practically nil, but I do have a finish of sorts. I finished quilting the other fraternal twin top.


I played like mad and really like how it turned out.


I’m fairly certain there’s enough quilting that this thing could stand upright all on it’s own.



There are assorted blips and weaving patterns suggestive of drunkenness, but I did it all on my faithful companion, Lennie the Featherweight, and am quite happy.



  1. Yay for quilting with a Featherweight. I have a walking foot and a darning foot for FMQ for mine.So far the largest quilt I have done is 50 x 70. I’m about to try a twin size though.

      • I don’t lower them–learned from Leah Day that some machines perform better if you leave them up. I do set the stitch length to neutral so they go up and down but not forward and back. Most advice is to cover them, but I don’t do that either. Too much trouble for as often as we have to change the bobbin.

      • Put the lever that regulates stitch length and forward/backward right in the middle. I think mine is a ’53. I think what I got for FMQ was a darning foot.

  2. I admire anyone who can machine-quilt! I learned with hand quilting and always thought using a machine was the easy way out — until I tried it! Holy cow, it’s more complicated than it looks.

    What a beautiful, unique quilt!

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