A Wednesday Finish

I finished quilting and binding one of the Fraternal Four Patches quilt tops.  I confess I’m not much for quilting on a domestic machine, especially my Featherweight, Lennie, who does nothing but straight-line stuff, but it’s done and QuiltnMama’s happy.  I don’t use a walking foot on any of my machines as my experience with them has been less than stellar.  I’ll wind up with the occasional puckered spot and some stretching, but I can live with it.  Besides which, those little eccentricities will give the Quilt Police something to talk about.

Here’s the top


I really love this Veggie Tales backing and I somehow acquired an embarrassingly large amount of it.  I think this stuff sneaks in when I’m not looking.


The binding is my favorite part.  Yes, yes, I’ve heard quilters bemoan the binding as tedious and mind numbingly boring, but I love it.  Maybe even more than the piecing itself.  Definitely more than the quilting.  Ahem.


Gosh-darn-it, but that binding looks good!



Finished and folded and ready for someone to give it to.  The Diva’s eyeing it for one of her dolls.  Better keep my own eye on it or poof! it’ll be gone.

Happy Hump Day, y’all!





  1. That looks amazing. I am one that bemoans bindings. As a matter of fact I only machine bind. If mine could look like yours I mIght change my mind. Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t even if I could.

    • I’ve tried machine binding and it always winds up looking like something the cat’s been sucking on. I like the hand work, especially if Himself wants me to sit and watch TV with him…and it’s Barrett Jackson 😦

  2. I love the pig fabric. Binding is my favorite part of the process also. I just bound a queen size and swore I’m not making any more huge quilts. Nice quilt and hope it finds a good home.

  3. Cool quilt! I’ve only ever quilted cot quilts on my machine, which is 30+ years old and doesn’t have such luxuries as a walking foot or variable speed – other than when I’m VERY careful using the foot control … 🙂 So when I do a bigger quilt I either tie it, or lately I’ve done some big stitching on a couple of single bed quilts, which I’ve enjoyed and like the look of. One of these days I’ll look at upgrading my machine, but in the meantime it actually does everything I want, so don’t feel a pressing need to move on to bigger and better things. And I’m with you on enjoying the binding process – I find the hand-stitching almost meditative as it brings the project to a close 🙂

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