Oy! It’s Blankets vs. Quilts….Again

Heads up, people!  It’s yet another quilter making every effort to impress upon you the difference between blankets and quilts.

And, yes, it makes a difference.

I can hear some folks already.  But, but…a hairless cat and a cat with a full body of hair are both cats.  Oranges and apples are both fruit.  Tom Selleck and PeeWee Herman are both men.  (I think.)

Let me break it down this way: one’s ugly, one’s snuggly; one’s yummy and citrusy, the other’s downright nasty; one is hunka-hunka hot and the other is just eeeeewwwww.  I’m hoping this clears things up a bit.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary offers up the following definitions.

Blanket: a woven often woolen covering

Quilt: a padded bed coverlet

Neither of these technical definitions does it for me, so I made up my own.

Blanket: I bought it for $9.95 at the local big box store.  You’re welcome.

Quilt: I worked my fingers to nubs, cleared out my kids’ college fund to buy the supplies and if ever you contemplate draping a piece of furniture in the back of your pickup truck with it, I’ll make sure they use it as your burial shroud.  I made it for you because I have the ability and time and I think you’re awesome.  Now worship the ground I walk upon.

Now, before you go and get your feathers all ruffled, I am not knocking folks who buy ready-made.  I’m simply distinguishing between what they may buy and what I create.

You may be asking yourself where this is all coming from.  Simply put, it grinds my gears to have someone call something I’ve invested a lot of myself in, a blanket.  ‘Oh, I just love the blanket you made’.  Um, yeah, no.

This is a blanket…


One layer.  One.  Yes, it’s pretty (if you can look past the fact it’s covered in dog hair), but it’s no quilt.

To paraphrase Shrek, ‘Quilts are like onions.  They have layers’.


Three layers (unless it’s a ‘summer’ quilt which lacks batting).  A top, the batting in the middle and a back = quilt.

Please call what I create, what it actually is: a quilt.

Here endeth the lesson.








  1. I am so with you! I know people don’t mean anything by it when they call them blankets, but I always find myself gritting my teeth and trying not to launch into an hour-long lecture when someone calls a quilt a blanket. It just feels demeaning.

  2. AMEN!!! I try to explain this concept to people and most don’t get it unless they are a quilter! I was asked a few months ago if I would make a blanket for a fundraiser…I said no, but I will make you a quilt! Her answer-“aren’t they the same thing?” She now knows the difference!

  3. A flag goes up and I grind my teeth when I hear someone call a quilt a blanket! Aaargh! And, no, I will not make you one.

  4. I made a small table topper for our church bazaar and the lady in charge called it a doily! Made me want to scream!

  5. I found one of my quilts in the trunk of the recipient’s car. He will get blankets from now on.

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