Fraternal Four-Patches

The only good things about cold weather are being able to hibernate inside our humble abode, downing cup after cup of caffeinated deliciousness (and if it’s after 5pm, a little Irish cream is just the thing), a fire burning (preferably in the fireplace, but if it’s dinner-time…eh, could be in the kitchen, too) and a nice dog.

Oh, and sewing.  Sewing is definitely on the list of indoor cold weather activities.

While my Furry Minion went under the knife at the vet’s, right along with a handsome sum of my quilting money, my Mama came up to the house to sew with me.

This is my Furry Minion, not my Mama. You know, just in case you were wondering.

I started out with some scraps that showed up from Heaven knows where and managed to cut them into two stacks: 5″ and      5 1/2″.


My quilts generally fall into two categories: baby/kid and lap, unless I have completely lost my marbles and taken the plunge with a larger sized project.  Typically, anything bigger and Lennie the Featherweight gets a tad cranky right along with his operator.  These two stacks each made up into nicely sized baby quilt tops.

Twin #1
Twin #2

Twin #1 is roughly 35″ square, while Twin #2 is about 30″ square.

I forced myself to go slowly and as this is not typically in my nature, proved to be something of a challenge.  I pressed the heck out of the seams with steam, which I’ve never done before (I’m a starchy kinda gal) and measured and re-measured and re-measured my measuring for good measure.  Are you keeping up?

While two baby quilt tops in one day may not rank right up there on the Accomplish-o Meter for a lot of quilters, it is for me.  I spent my day with good company, doing what I really enjoy.

On to the quilting!

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