A Propitious Beginning

As New Year’s day wound down, there was a quilted bit of finished goodness fluffing up in the dryer.  Whohoo!


If only all my other wishes for 2015 were to come about as easily!

I have a number of want-tos floating around the cranium that I’d like to accomplish for the new year and one of those is to be more productive in the quilting corner.  If I have to be honest, 2014 really wasn’t my year in terms of sewing productivity, mostly because of the fibro.  Can you see this fibro?  I’m waving my middle finger at you!!

For now, my space is cleaned up and reasonably organized.  I have several tops I’ve already cut out that just need finishing up, not to mention kits that seem to breed like bunny rabbits.  I said to my Mama several years back that what I really needed to do was spend a weekend cutting up kits so I could just wham-bam! get started.  You see how far I’ve come in that department.  Well, no, you can’t, but trust me, it isn’t far.

This little finish gives me hope…and that was the first entry in my Daily Guideposts book.  Hope.


I love me a soft, scrunchy rag quilt, don’t you?  They go together so quickly and, for babies, I love the texture of the ragged edges.  This one was from leftover squares foisted off sent home with me from Mama’s house.  Thanks, Ma!


Here’s wishing you a year filled with sewing-stuffed hours, endless bobbins and Tom Selleck to rub your sore neck muscles.  Hey, a girl can dream!




  1. Congrats on finishing a project on the first day of the year! Feels good, doesn’t it? I have the same aspirations for finishing at least some of my numerous UFOs before starting new projects. (Pause for laughter…) The kit idea is a good one. I have done it and loved myself for it. However, you have to actually spend the time cutting and packaging the kit in order for it to work. That’s no fun, so I can usually talk myself out of it. I’m easily led astray. Keep the momentum going!

  2. Good on you! I am (unbelievably) working on the Great Grand Mystic mystery quilt, or whatever it’s called. I got behind the very second week, and have not caught up since. The final reveal came out on New Year’s Day and I worked on finishing cutting all my fabric yesterday. Today I sew! I’m just a little competitive compared to the (loonies) (oops, did I say that?) who have already FINISHED a their quilts. Who are these people and do they even have lives? But competitive I am and I have to give it a try. Oh, and talk about kits? 😨 How embarrassed am I with four or five mystery quilt packs incomplete and unknown amounts of UFO’s. I guess my 2014 resolutions just got forwarded to 2015. Seriously, I pray you have a better year health wise. I’m hoping for that too!

    • I can’t even begin to keep up with all those quilt-along things on FB. I like to see what everyone else’s take on a theme might be, but I don’t think these people sleep and I’m pretty sure they must wear adult diapers because who has time for a pit stop when there’s anal-competitive sewing to be accomplished?! I have promised myself to stay away from quilt and book stores unless absolutely necessary. Go ahead and laugh. I’ve got so much STUFF I can never die…The Co-Defendants will put me on Hoarders!!

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