Cooking Up a Little Something

It’s become quite obvious that Himself is in absolutely no hurry to update the room in which I spend a hefty chunk of my time.  No, not the bathroom…soaking in scalding hot water sounds divine, though, doesn’t it?

My kitchen, bless it, is painted avocado green (my choice and I still love it) but is in dire need of something.  Himself’s eyes glaze over at the mere mention of new cabinetry and hints at granite make him turn a nasty shade of green.  Still, this kitchen needs something.  I’m thinking dynamite.  In the interim, I trolled my stash and found something appropriate for the lone window over the sink.  I’m quite sure I made the whole endeavor way harder than it had to be, but it kept me busy (read: not snacking) and it made a small, okay, miniscule, dent in my fabric stash.


The valance is burgundy with gold stars.  Naturally, you can’t tell that from this picture.  Take my word for it.

The curtain itself spends most of the time shoved off to each side so I didn’t make them as fluffy as the valance.  I really like the curtain fabric.


I might, given some initiative, slap a new coat of paint on this room, but for now the new window dressing will have to do.

What’re you working on?

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