Drink Me

My quest for all-natural remedies for my fibro pain is never-ending.  After the Lyrica fiasco, I’m no fan of  the pharmaceuticals that clog the airwaves day after day and the over the counter stuff taken at a level to make a dent in the pain would seriously pickle my liver.

My acupuncture lady, Miss J, bless her heart, introduced me to essential oils as a relaxation tool.  I’ve used them for any number of ailments and a panic attack or two with varying degrees of success.  She also likes Chinese herbs.  The stuff she has us taking for allergies smells like His Awesomeness’s socks and has a fleeting (thanks be to God) taste of celery.  Works like a charm but the ick factor is substantial.

I came upon a recipe for turmeric tea that claimed to help with pain.  What the heck…I’ll try anything once.


Now, before you even think to ask me what it tastes like, take a good long look at the above photo.  Folks, I scraped similar looking stuff out of the diapers of The Co-Defendants.  The University of Texas jerseys are this color.  That’s right…baby-sh*t brown.  The picture doesn’t even do it justice.

The recipe said I could add honey to taste.  There aren’t enough bees on the planet to make enough honey to make this stuff palatable.  But I was game and drank most of the concoction.  It was a struggle as breathing post-sip only intensified the taste.  However, I am happy to report that my pain level is actually significantly diminished.  Is this due to the turmeric or the shock of drinking what amounts to swamp water?  The world may never know.  Will I drink it again?  Possibly, but I must find my big girl panties first.



  1. I don’t have fibromyalgia but I do have irritable bowel syndrome in a take Tamarac in the pill form twice a day and it helps quite a bit. Maybe something to think about for yourself instead of the tea. Turmeric has so many health benefits it is something everyone should take really. Good for you for trying the tea! Hopefully you’ll be able to find a way to take it more often. I buy my tablets from Costco or Amazon does seem to be the cheapest places for the best value and quality.

    • I just wonder if they’re as effective as straight powder, or, heaven forbid, grated fresh…gag. I’ll have to investigate capsules, though. I don’t think I can stomach another cup o’nasty.

  2. Passing this on to my sister who has fibro as well…if it doesn’t help her the look on her face when she attempts to drink this will be priceless for the rest of us…

    • Make sure to take a picture!!! Ever seen the movie ‘Nanny McPhee’…she gives the kids some nasty concoction when they were ‘sick’…THAT was the face I made.

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