Little Bits: For the Birds

Now that the cold has arrived and my entire body, thanks to the fibro, has decided to lockup like I-35 after a multi-car pileup, I’ve not been in much of a mood to do anything in the quilting department.  Lennie the Featherweight sits cold and alone under a thin layer of dust and waits.  Okay, it’s a blanket of dust, but still, he waits.  Does anyone know exactly how long does it take for fabric to start rotting?  Hopefully, I’ll get the bug again before that happens.

Last year, I scored a Christmas felt kit at my Barnes and Noble for $6.50.  My Nana would be so proud.


For my $6.50, I got the following: a 132-page project book written by Amanda Carestio, 6 sheets of felt, needle, 4 skeins of embroidery floss, 40 seed beads (I loathe those things), white ribbon and stuffing.  I haven’t gotten this good of a deal since I married Himself.

My hands don’t like working with little bitty bits, but all the ornaments are super cute and go together quickly.  And by quickly, I mean the time flies so it’s 11:00 pm and it dawns on me ‘Oh, I have to get up in 6 hours…better go to bed’.  For someone who isn’t particularly craft-inclined to stay up that late, this is saying something.  Did I just say 11:00 pm was late?

I’ve finished up two birds.  Unless you’re colorblind, you’ll be able to tell their colors but just in case, I made a red one and a blue one.


I’ve been hoarding (shocking, I know) bits of twine and ribbon and stuff and finally have a project where I can put them to use.

I could be all traditional and say the red one is a cardinal or go all hip and say it’s ‘Scandi’.  My hips say it’s a cardinal.


He was the first bird I made, an experiment in stitching and must’ve been disemboweled by my neighbor’s cat because he’s stuffing-less.  My embroidery stitches leave a tad to be desired, but if you’re looking that close, that’s just what you get.

The second one is my favorite.  She’s a Snowbird, but she doesn’t play shuffleboard or canasta.


I gave both birdies little bells so they have a peppy jingle.

My hands are howling, but these were fun.  Ever the pragmatist, Himself asked what I intended to do with them.  How the heck should I know?!  They’re cute and fun to make and it keeps me from nagging you.  Think of the pretty penny I’d have to spend if I bought them, Ebenezer!

There’s more to come, but I’ll save them for another day.

Until then, may your needle be ever sharp and your fabric stash limitless.

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