My Sewing Machine’s a Snob

I admit that I tend to use whatever thread is on hand for my piecing.  I know, I know, were I a purist I’d insist on 100% cotton all the time but that stuff’s expensive and I’ve an abundance of readily available (read: cheap) thread from the aisles of the local Wally World just begging to be used up.  Sue me.

I’ve been working on string blocks lately, so many in fact that I’m practically sewing them up in my sleep and it’s eating up the thread like a PMSing lady goes after chocolate.  I’d used up the last of a spool of Gutermann (love it, miss the kidney I had to sell to pay for it all) and grabbed the next available spool which just happened to be Coats and Clark.  Cue Lennie the Featherweight’s four alarm diva meltdown.


My stitches turned into total crap, complete with bird’s nests, skipped stitches, loop de loops and general all-around chaos.  I checked the tension; I changed the needle.  I even oiled him up like a centerfold for one of those  manly-man calendars.  Nada.  Mind you, I’d already pre-wound seven million bobbins with the Coats and Clark.  Well, okay only seven, but still it took for-ev-er.

So I unearthed my coveted and much-hoarded Gutermann and tried again.


Lennie got his knickers out of twist and onward we went.

I’ve still got a stack of blocks to square up but I like the look of what I’ve already finished.


And, on a side note, it might behoove you to check under the throat plate from time to time for any detritus.  Look, I found a hairball!










  1. Isn’t that the truth! And they say money doesn’t buy you happiness! I disagree – I have found that using Auriful thread works the best in my machine – so to try to be thrifty – I use only 2 colors – a light beige and a dark grey – that covers all my quilts.
    Once in a great while I will buy a hot pink for the granddaughter’s quilts. I enjoy reading your blog!

    • I bought a spool of Aurifil but haven’t used it yet. What’s it made out of…gold? Good grief, $11 a spool! The Gutermann isn’t much better in price, but Lennie the Featherweight’s happy, so whatever works, right?

      Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    • Mine will do that, too but I’ve found it’s usually because there’s a hairball under the throat plate. Thank goodness our machines aren’t real people…we wouldn’t be able to stand them 😉

  2. Lovely string blocks Stephanie. They;re one of my favourite blocks to make.

    My machine is a thread snob too- it loves Gutterman and Aurifil , tolerates Rasant, and pretty much hates anything else, especially the more affordable brands.

    • Thanks! I find string blocks tedious for some strange reason, but for those times when I just want to shove fabric through with no thought, they certainly fit the bill.

      I’m beginning to think Lennie the Featherweight has been talking to The Co-Defendants. After all, they think I’m made of money.

  3. Oh, this made me laugh! ‘In the beginning’ I used C&C and a machine tech told me to NEVER use it, so I switched. Well, a couple of weeks ago I dug out the only red I have, C&C, and Bunny had a fit and got all bound up. I now use Aurifill for piecing, and sometimes Gutterman for binding (when I need a specific color).

  4. I was told by my Bernina dealer that C&C is just not consistent (in diameter) enough for newer machines, If you have older spools, they’ll be fine, but the newer stuff is junk. And now C&C has bought Gutterman. And Joann’s has bought C&C. He says that if you have Gutterman that is marked “made in Germany” it will be fine, but, again, not the newer stuff. I use the older C&C and new Gutterman for my Featherweight with no problem (but I’m careful to clean and oil it often) and Aurifil in my new Bernina.

    • My ‘newest’ machine is my ’54 Featherweight and I’m not even sure how old the thread is. Which brings up an interesting question: I see people posting on FB all the time about scoring spools of (I assume from the looks of it) older thread. How old is too old to use? I bought some Gutterman at my LQS and it says made in Greece. This, the $8 per spool stuff, is what the FW likes, naturally. The Aurifil I’m hoarding like a squirrel does nuts because it’s expensive!

      Thank you for your input. I’m not sure what to do with all the C&C. It just sits in my thread box, mocking me.

  5. ​Man oh Man, I hear ya! I got my longarm working for two days (yes you read that correctly) but it didnt like my cheap cone thread…so off I went to see what the LQS had…$13 a damned spool! Crazy! My featherweight Trixie uses whatever I have….you want her to have a talksy with Lennie?

    Quilty Hugs!


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