A Break from the Norm

It called to me.

It was the siren’s call of yet another hobby.

I have tried to resist but the pressure was too much and I caved like fallen arches on a senior citizen (or my husband, same difference).


The hobby I swore I’d never touch.  The hobby my daughter loves, if only to open the boxes and bottles and jars of plastic and glass little babies and gaze upon them, pausing to lift one here and there to the light for closer inspection whilst admiring their cut and clarity.  Too bad they aren’t diamonds as the dang things cost almost as much.

Today I bought myself a ‘starter’ kit and got to work.



It’s purty and Mama is happy, happy, happy.



  1. That’s pretty! I have wondered down those aisles a time or two and considered it. I wear far more costume jewelry now than I ever did in my life. AND…I really want a red beaded necklace. I am taking your post as a message from on high that I should try to make myself one! Thanks a lot! Or, I could just pay you to make me one???? LOL! Congratulations on a new form of therapy. It is still cheaper than the drugs and psycho therapy.

    • I’ve been buying costume jewelry like a crack ho on her way to rehab! I blame age. I’ve never worn it much and never the big chunky stuff that I’ve acquired. The Diva made the original red bead necklace…I just tweaked it a bit (with her blessing, of course…wouldn’t want to hurt any feelings) so I’m not even sure where the original beads came from. I have to stay strong and NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE because I have no space and no time and I’m afraid Hoarders already has my name!

  2. But beading can be so much sneakier than quilting. I mean, $300 worth of fabric takes some actual storage space, but $300 worth of beads can fit in a shoe box! 🙂 You need to know my MIL who found youngest daughter a whole cabinet of little drawers (I think it was designed for hardware storage) full of beads and supplies at the thrift store for $20. Both of them were thrilled.

    • Isn’t that the truth, Sally!? I still can’t figure out why loose beads are far more expensive than the costume jewelry I know full well is made of the same beads. Your MIL sounds like one of those folks that can sniff out a deal wherever she’s at…my Nana was like that, too. Not me…I didn’t get that gene 😉

  3. Cute!!! Just think–now you could make a piece specifically for an outfit or occasion instead of trying to find the right thing at a store when needed. I bet this necklace outlasts a piece of costume jewelry–I have terrible luck with something breaking on them after wearing them just a couple of times.

    You let us know how that ‘one-time’ thing works out for you 😉

    • Thank you. I’ve never worn a lot of costume jewelry but for some reason, I’ve had a hankerin’ for it. I didn’t buy anything other than the kit to make it, so hopefully THIS hobby won’t get out of control!

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