The Diva: Double Digits

It’s official: The Diva is now into the double digits having turned the big 1-0 last month.

Getting info out of this kid is akin to talking to a politician.  There are no straight answers.  So, naturally, it took months to pin her down on a theme all the while in my head I’m begging to skip the cheesy and give Mama something she can work with.

VOILA!  It was Hawaiian luau time!  Alas, there was no roast pig but there was grilling and luau music, tiki kitsch and a grass skirt.


Yes, it’s a coconut bra.  The look on Himself’s face was worth it and this was after the two-piece bathing suit dustup.  The man’s convinced I’m trying to shock him to death.  I assure him, no, I’ll nag him to death.

She really wanted me to get a coconut bra of my own but apparently they don’t come in a ‘melon’ size and while the resulting heart palpitations in the snarky relatives may have been fun for moi, Himself would’ve had a cow.  Cowabunga, dude!

Lulu the boxer, this is your life!
Thanks for sparing me the coconut bra routine.

Does this look say ‘I’m plotting my revenge’ or what.

And just when I begin to think they don’t love one another, they do this.


Outsiders may think she’s trying to break his neck, but this is sisterly love, you jerk!





    • I took the kids down to the river yesterday and let me say, given the fact that I saw with my own two eyes what amounted to baby hippos in bikinis, I could’ve pulled off the coconut bra thingy without a smidgen of shame. Maybe next time. And I’m working on nagging him to death, not having him keel over from a coronary. That’d be cheating!

  1. Happy Birthday, Paige!!! Looks like a great party. My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. JK! Though, I think ten year olds may be the appropriate party animals for me. The beach/pool is one of those places I can comfortably go and know I will not be the best looking but there is no way in hell I will be the worst looking. I want to buy some folks a mirror!

    • The Diva says “THANKS!”. I’m forever covering up at the water but some of these rednecks will pour a baby hippo body in a salamander suit so why the heck can’t I?! I try for dignity as I don’t want to end up in someone’s YouTube vacation video. And yes, it would be me!

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