Fun Fibro Friday

I sit here listening for the umpteenth time to ‘Let It Go’ (if you don’t know which movie it’s from, please crawl out from under that boulder and join the rest of us) and would like to offer up my fibro to anyone who’d care to have it.  I’ll let it go!  Anyone?  Come on, no adventurous types out there today?  Fine, be that way.

Every other week, I spend a day with my acupuncturist Jamie and her bevy of sharp-tongued needles.  Today was no exception only I had company…The Diva.  For some reason, The Co-Defendants think Jamie hurls harpoon-sized weaponry at my over-sensitized self.  Some days, I admit, it feels like it.  The Diva spent the majority of the hour peering over the top of her DS, eyes wide, making gulping sounds as if before a firing squad.  She decided the needle between my eyes made me look like a unicorn.  I admit, in my imagination, I am that fabulously unique.  As for me, I just lay there staring at the designs created by those millions of dots on the ceiling tiles.  I’ve never seen the Virgin Mary or Elvis, maybe Jimmy Hoffa once, but who can be sure?  Truthfully, that’s a departure from when I first started acupuncture sessions which I usually spent giggling, thinking of myself as a human pincushion or porcupine.  Now, I wake myself snoring.  Or drooling.  Usually both.

In addition to the fibro, I also have Raynaud’s, which is a giggle a minute all by itself.  Usually, the tips of my fingers, my toes and even my nose are cold to the touch…like touching a real live corpse.  Yahoo!  And, yes, I am that doofus wearing the hoodie in 1000 degree Texas summer heat.  I’ll admit that one benefit is the ‘no snuggling’ rule Himself has instituted.  Yay, me and having my side of the bed all to my lonesome.  And forget picking up anything cold…it’s not going to happen.  At any rate, I went in today with my palms fire engine red and hot, hot, hot.  And not in that good Tom Selleck kind of way, either.  Apparently, that’s the flip side of Raynaud’s.  Who knew?  For today at least, I am one hot broad.

Jamie’s remedy?


I can’t make this crap up.  So there I lay (laid, lied…whatever) letting her jab me in the side of my pinkie finger right smack next to the nail bed with an old-school finger jabbing device.  And all the while I’m thinking that I’m paying this woman to do this.

I’ll say one thing for this fibro gig:  there’s never a dull moment.



  1. Im still not sure I could have acupuncture without passing out. I hate needles.

    If it makes you feel like you have someone else along for your wild ride peri menopause has completely stuffed my internal thermostat . I’m either freezing cold or boiling hot and sometimes both at once….

    Did the blood letting work?

    • They are hair-thin needles, not at all like the ones they use to draw blood. They only hurt a pinch on my hands and in my ears, otherwise, I’m good. It’s summertime, so I’m doing better….hooray!

      The blood letting worked somewhat. I don’t know that I’d do it again as the payoff wasn’t quite worth having something sharp jabbed right next to my nail.

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