Playing Catch-Up

I have, to use the technical term, been ‘piddle farting’ around lately when it comes to sewing.  Forget quilting, it’s taking all I’ve got just to sew a few stitches before the energy level drops to zilch and I wake up the next day, on the sofa, snorting and drooling.  Lovely picture, but there it is.  Gotta love fibromyalgia.

At any rate, I got a few more Tula Pink blocks completed and have found that ‘scrappy’ is not something I enjoy.  Scrappy = chaos in my orderly universe and it’s giving me the hives.  But I’ve committed myself, to the project not the asylum, so I only have, oh, about 86 more blocks to go.  What color straightjacket should I choose when I’m done?  Something to complement my ensemble or should I be bold and go for contrast?





Not as bright as some of the others, but that’s okay.  Maybe they’ll provide a resting spot for the eyes instead of making the whole quilt some sort of psychedelic horror show.

This morning it was lovely and cool with just a smidgen of wind.  I begged Himself to let me open the windows, but being a magnet for every particle of pollen in the known universe, he nixed that idea pretty quick.  So, I improvised.


I figure I might have a month’s worth of mornings that will be suitable for back patio sewing.  After that, we’ll be frying eggs out there.  It was loverly and quiet and testosterone-free as Himself and His Awesomeness sweated it out doing….well, I’m not sure.  Manly stuff, I presume, most probably involving bodily noises and car movies.  But that’s just a guess.

Happy Mother’s Day a day early to all the ladies out there.  I raise my glass to you (mainly because The Co-Defendants have driven me to drink) but also because we moms rock!




  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you too. Sorry the fibro has gotten you down. As they say at Walgreens Pharmacy “be well”.
    I like the orange one. I’m putting the binding on my “Celtic Solstice” quilt…extremely scrappy.
    The pine tree buds here in MA are about to pop and we will be covered with yellow pollen. Looks especially yucky when it rains, and there are rivers of yellow sludge.

    • Happy Mother’s Day, Sue!

      I made the orange one because it’s a color that gets the short end of the stick in the quilting world. I love orange! I’ve seen the ‘Celtic Solstice’ pattern and it’s gorgeous.

      The pecan trees are doing their thing here. Long pollen laden strands. Nasty stuff for allergies, it stains and gets everywhere. But sewing on the patio was such a nice change so I think I’ll brave it.

  2. Happy Mothers Day to my “Sista from another Mista”! I love you girl! Good for you to enjoy these beautiful spring days sewing with a view!

    • Saw your FB picture with the grand-baby…enjoy and have a Happy Mothers Day, too! It was too windy to sew outside today, otherwise, I’d’ve been out there again.

  3. It’s not just those with fibromyalgia that do that . I sew for 15 minutes , get distracted by my iPad then do the drooling , snorting (and probably farting thing ) while I sleep till dinner time too.

    I think you should go for bold contrast on the quilt background. Let’s face it – you’re probably never going to do scrappy again so you may as well go for the psychedelic show just this once. I musty say I dont mind the individual blocks !

    • You’re probably right about that ‘no repeat’ scrappy thing…it’s a helluva lot of work. I contemplating just turning the finished ones I’ve got into hotpads.

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