Three Cheers from the Parental Unit

It’s a ‘My Imperfect Life’ shout-out to The Co-Defendants who participated this past Friday in UIL competition!  His Awesomeness placed 6th in Listening Skills while The Diva placed 4th in the same category.  What this means is a complete stranger recites a story or conglomeration of meaningless words and phrases and they have to regurgitate all the facts back to the moderator.  Hence, they have to listen and pay attention at the same time.

Why can’t I get this kind of compliance at home?!


They get their dweebishness from their father’s side.  Good grief, they look like a circus act!

His Awesomeness can listen!


The Diva can listen just a little bit better!

They’re weird, but I love ’em…and apparently they can be trained.  There’s hope for me yet, folks!



  1. Children are born with an area of deafness that coincides with their mother’s voice. However, it automatically shuts off if mom happens to say something not meant for little ears. Just wait – some day they will have similarly handicapped children!

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