This, That and a Finish

I managed a finish this week…can I get a ‘hallelujah’ and a high-five, please!


This is the first, and quite possibly last, quilt I’ve FMQd on a domestic machine.  I used Captain Jack the Janome that my mama gave me.  I did an all-over swirl around the Disney princesses…wouldn’t want to mar those pretty faces, you know!  I left a bit of backing fabric larger than the top, folded it over and sewed it down for the binding.  Not sure how I feel about it, but it may grow on me.  Like fungus, only not as furry.

Here’s a quilting close-up.  Don’t judge.  Or if you do, just don’t tell me.  I wore my snazzy Fons and Porter quilting gloves for the job.  Love them!


Not nearly as smooth as what I can accomplish on mom’s mid-arm, but in a pinch, eh, it’ll do.

The Diva and I IHOPd for breakfast.  As a connoisseur of unexpected food pairings (cottage cheese and ketchup, anyone?) let me just say that chicken and waffles is as appealing as PeeWee Herman in a speedo.  Truly disgusting.

We intend to spend our day doing whatever the heck we want as we are man-less.  NO car shows, NO masochistic marathon sessions of NCIS, NO farting (unless you count the dog, but she’s a chick so she can stay).  Amen!  We can even do this…


Looks like heaven to me.

Hey, did I mention Himself finally bought me a minivan?!  Here ’tis…


Ya, you betcha, I’m still laughing.

And last, but not least, I finished another Tula Pink block.


We’re going wherever the day may lead.  Make yours an awesome one!


  1. Enjoy your testosterone-free day! I’m not sure if my “whatever” day is going to work out or not. Thanks to the cat’s better hearing, I believe I have detected the presence of a squirrel moving into the attic in my sewing room. We may have to take steps to make him/her feel unwelcome. Your Uncle Steve thinks his air rifle should do the trick.

    I saw chicken and waffles on a restaurant sign somewhere lately, and my reaction was the same as yours. Some food pairings are just plain unnatural and should never exist. But then I never tried it. I thought chicken and honey sounded odd until I James talked me into trying it.

    • I figured the combo would be good since I like chicken and waffles in their own respective meals. So much for thinking. I should’ve gotten the pancakes and moved on. And James was right: chicken and honey is awesome.

  2. For some reason I’ve had trouble commenting on your posts for the last month . Dont know why ..but all of a sudden it seems to have righted itself ! Perhaps my computer was possessed?

    A manless day sounds divine to be honest . Love your FM quilting. (no judgement here – I cant even screw up the courage to do a potholder let alone a whole quilt !)

    • You just can’t trust those damn computers, but I’m glad you can comment now 🙂

      A manless day has been quiet and pleasant smelling. Hurrah!!

  3. What is with men and minivans? I just bought an Edge. Mine said, “You know it’s just another minivan, right? ”

    Looks like a great day. Manless but rainy here

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