The ‘Quilt on Point’ Tute

Okay, so apparently if the pattern’s free, I can feel free to post my version of it here.  And since I’m not profiting from it, I should be in the clear.  At least that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  Thank you to commenter Bobbi for posting a link for a similar pattern in the comments of my previous post.

Here’s my quilt top from instructions from the quilt shop whose name and location I can’t remember.  Yay for memory!

I used 2″ squares of Marmalade by Moda.  These are cute but utterly useless because I don’t generally sew together a bunch of random 2″ squares.  But that’s just me.

First, I sewed a top that came out to be 5 x 8 squares…let’s call it Step 1.

Step 1

Step 2. Lay your ruler diagonally across the quilt top from the lower left block up to the right hand side.  Depending on your perspective, count down the right-side edge from the top to the 4th block or up from the bottom edge to the 5th block, lining up your ruler from the lower outer point of the lower left block to the upper outer point of the right block.  Assuming all your points meet (hahahaha!), the ruler should pass diagonally through each block.

Step 2a

Now, make your cut.

Step 2b

Step 3. You now have two pieces.  See, Mrs. Emmitt, I can do math.  Keeping the largest portion oriented as it is, move the piece you sliced off so that the bottom straight edge lines up with the top straight edge of your big portion.  Like this…

Step 3a

Put your right foot in, put your right foot out.  Wait, wait.  Put right sides together and piece together.  Like this…

Step 3b

Once you open it and press, you’ll wind up with this…


Step 4. Now you’ll make your second cut.

Step 4a

Looking at the above picture now, the top and bottom edges are all side triangles.  Yes, my nickname is Captain Obvious.  Place your ruler diagonally on the first full square which is between the 1st and 2nd side triangles on the top edge and extend it down to the right across the bottom full square.  The last full square rests just above the first side triangle on the bottom edge.  Make your cut.

You’re now back to two pieces.

Step 4b

Again keeping the largest portion oriented as it was when you made the cut, move the top portion over to the left and down until the two pieces look like this…


Step 5. Right sides together, sew a seam.  Press open and voila!

The end product…


It’s a really easy and quick pattern and beats the heck out of having to cut and sew side triangles.  Mainly because I’m not real smart at figuring out those measurements.

Check out the link above provided by Bobbi as I’m sure the directions are much (muchmuchmuch) better than mine.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. They really make the concept clear. It’s such a clever way to end up with everything on point. Seems like if you were really careful about it, you could even use this idea to put a more complicated quilt on point.

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing that link, too. You’re probably right about the concept translating to something more complex although I’m not that smart. That’s why I have to use someone else’s pattern 😦

  2. There was a book about this years ago (like 20-25years ago). I gave it away cuz it was so complicated, but you could do this to any quilt you wanted to turn on point. Your tute is so much better! I’m going to try it. Thanks.

  3. I wish there were a way to print this out so I could have instructions on my cutting table as I go along!

  4. I have 2 friends who come over every Sundy afternoon to quilt. Right now we are all working on different Rememberence quilts. Once we are finished we are going to do this one. CANT WAIT!

    • It goes together (and apart and together again) very quickly. With the larger size, I had to take a huge gulp before I made my cuts. With the smaller size, it fits nicely on my cutting table; the bigger size not so much. 😬. Have fun with it! It’s a great way to use your precuts…you know, so you can buy more!

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