Rockin’ the Needle

Yesterday, being National Quilting Day, naturally called for a get-together over sewing machines and irons and feeding fabric over the feed dogs like maniacs at a sew-in hosted by my Mom at The Roadrunner Retreat Center.

I paced myself which is code for ‘I didn’t get much done’ however, being no slouch, I’ll show you some pictures.

First up is my Mom, Janet, who was chief cook and bottle washer and pillowcase maker.  Ya done good, Ma!


My friend, ‘L’, who said no face shots.  Okay, okay!  She worked on an Eleanor Burns ‘Trip Around the World’ pattern in batiks.  (Reports of attempted muggings over quilt tops should in no way point in my direction.)  This thing will be gorgeous!


There were 2 other ladies and myself but since I didn’t get permission to use their pictures here, you’ll just have to believe me and settle for what I accomplished.

The pattern below is called ‘Quilt on Point’ but the quilt shop didn’t put their name on it so I can’t even give them credit for it and relying on my memory is an exercise in futility.  Bummer!  Basically, you can use any precut square…5″, 10″, those obnoxiously small, what the heck do I do with it 2″ ones and assemble them into a top that’s 5 squares across and 8 down.  Once it’s all together, you make 2 strategic cuts and reassemble it and you wind up with a quilt top that doesn’t require you to cut any side triangles.  I used the 2″ and 5″ squares for each of these tops.  I’ll add borders and wind up with what amounts to a child quilt and a doll quilt.  I bought a French General layer cake to make using this pattern.  Trust me, it’ll be divine.

5″ squares
2″ squares

I’ve been working on the squares below for approximately half of my quilting life…which is to say almost five years.  I love paper-piecing, however, it is in my opinion, labor intensive and slow going.  Then again, it could just be me.  It doesn’t help matters that the pieces I precut were all wrong and had to be re-done.  Excuse me while I accept my award for Intellectual Contortionism by Dummies.  I love the fabrics in these.  The pattern is called ‘Children of Israel’ and is available online from Quilter’s Cache.  Of course, considering how long these have taken me, the pattern may be gone by now.  Arrggh!

The one on the lower left I made in 2009.  I’ll wait while you finish laughing.  Go ahead…feel free.  The other three I made yesterday.


I think this one’s my favorite.



Many thanks to L.C. for providing awesome peach wine and for the dreary overcast weather which kept me from feeling guilty for being inside rather than outside doing something productive…like exercising.

One must have priorities.

**For my wino-sisters, the peach wine is Happy Trails from Fiesta Winery in Lometa, TX**



  1. Sounds like you had a great day! I bet that trip around the world will be stunning. It’s amazing how everything made with batiks always seems to come out fantastic. (also amazing that I have yet to try my hand at a batik quilt given how pretty I think they are…)

    I’ve been trying to figure out the strategic cuts for the quilt on point, and I’m thoroughly stumped! Unsurprisingly, searching for “quilt on point” isn’t yielding any useful results. It looks like a really neat technique, though.

    Also, peach wine sounds brilliant. I may have to go find myself a bottle of this and give it a try. 🙂

    • I wish I could remember the name of the quilt shop so I could point you in the right direction…it might’ve been in Marquez or Jewett, TX but don’t quote me. I took step-by-step pictures to post then thought better of it as it’s probably copyright infringement or something.

      The wine is another story. It’s Fiesta Winery in Lometa, TX. The wine is called Happy Trails. We can all attest that one glass is all it takes.

  2. I love what you did! I went to Project Linus Make A Blanket Day yesterday but I knitted. Somehow, though, several pieces of quilt backing fabric found their way into my bag and came home with me. Not sure how that happened! Since I have been quilting far longer than you, I have you beaten in the “Old UFO” department. While combing through my closet to excavate UFOs to take on retreat next month I came across one that I started in 2005. I know why I put it down at the time, but why I never took it back up again is a mystery to me. Now I’m all agog to finish it. I hope it doesn’t languish in the dark for another 9 years.

    • Thank you. The charm square quilt will finish at a nice size once I get a couple of borders on it. As for the backing fabric leaving with you, it, like children, tends to be quite sneaky. I least it doesn’t make obnoxious smells or argue with you, right?!

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