A One Bottle Spring Break

Yes, I prepared for Spring Break by buying and stockpiling wine.  Sue me.  My hat’s off to mommies everywhere who stay home day in and day out…you go, girls!  For me, it’s Defcon 4, brace for impact and wear clean underpants.  I pride myself on not having to bury any bodies so, yeah, this week’s been a success.  You know, if The Co-Defendants were this well-behaved all the time (and we were financially able) I’d be more than happy to stay at home.  Alas, we aren’t and they aren’t and I don’t take Xanax anymore so I guess it’s back to the salt mines on Monday.  Boo…

I tried to keep them busy and entertained and maintain my sanity which is mom-code for compliant and occupied children and a non-batshit crazy mother.  Access to a credit card doesn’t hurt either.

Monday morning started out with a bang, jackass (don’t ask or ask if you want to feel like one of those virtuous parents raising perfect children)…one of those mornings that makes me question my decision to encourage speech in my children rather than having fur-baby children.  Being an only child, I gratefully missed out on these expressions of sibling love.  Anyway, I bought them new shoes which for most children is a big whoop! but these are odd children and so they were happy.  The Diva is still quite pleased with her ‘old school’ Converse.  One of these days, I’m going to just give it up and buy skis for His Awesomeness instead of actual shoes.  The kid’s got HUGE feet.

Tuesday we headed to Fossil Rim Wildlife Park.  It isn’t a far drive but it’s still one in which someone asks ‘How much farther?’  That someone is usually me.

Seth’s hand which he subsequently described as ‘crusty’. I don’t want to know.
Labeled ‘snobbish’ because they wouldn’t come to the car this time. Imagine, wild animals afraid of vehicles!
Look, Gramma, it’s Freddie’s relative!
My favorite kind of wild animal.

Because we’re nerds, we headed south on Wednesday to our favorite Barnes and Noble.  I hate I-35!

Almost 400 miles in two days meant, by Thursday, the fibro was kicking my tail.  We didn’t go any farther than the grocery and the library (they have a really comfy nap-inducing couch…not that I’d every go to sleep…ahem).

Friday’s been their last hurrah and we visited our local zoo, Cameron Park Zoo.  It must’ve been everybody else’s last hurrah, too because everyone and their dog was there, too.  I will spare you all the photos of four-legged animals and just subject you to the two-legged ones.

Is it odd that The Diva chose this one to cuddle up to?!
Me, before coffee…
You cannot imagine the effort it took to get this shot.
Sweet..and brief. Ten seconds, tops.
That’s more like it.

Tomorrow is my ‘me’ day…National Quilting Day at my mom’s new retreat center.  And there’s still the matter of three bottles of vino to consider.

Hasta la vista, baby!



  1. Love your blog. I crack up every time I read it. I’m counting myself fortunate to have only fur babies, although I’m slightly crazy, since I have three!

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