That Concludes This Year’s Program

New Year’s Eve was spent in the company of my Mama, my favorite aunt and The Diva (who begged not to be left behind with the Testosterone Twins).  I sucked down an entire carafe of coffee prior to our sew-in and, surprise, surprise, made it to midnight.  I do not see the appeal of midnight.  Big whoo, time for bed.

I sewed like the hounds of quilting hell were nipping at my heels and managed one top finish and a backing in progress.  I confess that I’ve been somewhat lax in quilting finishes for 2013, but with the dawn of a new day and a new year, I get to start fresh and move on.  Here are just a few pictures from last night’s fun courtesy of The Diva.  Don’t see my Mama or my aunt?  That’s because The Diva didn’t get any.  Sigh.


Please, by all means, get a shot of me with my tongue sticking out.

The Diva spent the evening dispensing neck massages, rubbing lotion into tired legs and patrolling for mice with a mag-lite flashlight big enough to club a mammoth and doing this…


She’s reading, not, surprisingly enough, sulking.

Am I living right or what?  How’s this for running out of thread at a thoroughly opportune moment!


And still more of the two of us doing our thing.

Hey, tongue’s in the mouth this time…whohoo!


Too much chlorine or a nuclear experiment gone wrong on that hair?  The world may never know.

I have resolved to make no resolutions for 2014 notwithstanding the resolution to make no resolutions.  I say just enjoy the year and annoy as many people as humanly possible.  Honestly, it’s really not that hard.




  1. I don’t see the appeal of staying up until midnight, either. Never have. Though, I think a quilting party might just be enough for me not to mind it. 😀

  2. And what a year it was. I found your site, had a lot of laughs and hope and pray your fibromyalgia doesn’t screw up your life too much. There are no pics of what you were working on. I’m doing Bonnie Hunter’ mystery quilt. Lots of tiny pieces,but learning a lot. Happy new year! Love that last pic of the Diva!

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