Sewing While Sloshing

Now before you go and think ‘Holy crap, she’s already toasted and it’s not even 5 o’clock’ let me say I am in the throes of a sinus and ear infection and have vertigo as a bonus.  I used to think a margarita while sewing was as living dangerously as I would ever get, but vertigo whilst wielding sharp implements is awwwe-some!

Here’s what I’ve managed today.  Yep, I’m still working on this string quilt.  It just keeps growing and growing…like my butt, only prettier.


I’m working toward thirty blocks and because I’ve apparently lost my mind, sashing with cornerstones thrown in for entertainment value.  Opinions about the sashing and cornerstone thing are welcome.  We’ll see.  I realize string blocks are supposed to be various widths, but I just can’t pony up the devil-may-care attitude it would take to pull it off.  I am not a fly by the seat of my pants gal, after all.

Well, here I go to stagger off and pick up The Co-Defendants.  Clear the roads, y’all.

I’m linking up to crazymomquilts.



  1. Lol-love this post! Hope you feel better soon. I like your quilt as is. I think corner stones and sashing would take away from the visual flow. Great job!

  2. LOVE IT !!!! although cornerstones and sashing would look lovely , I’d skip it ! I have not tried string blocks yet ; yours look ‘perfect’ since you used the same size strips ! did you do paper foundation ? I saw somewhere that you can do them without paper or fabric backing 😀

    • Yeah, I think I’m skipping the cornerstones and sashing thing, too. I like the blocks because they aren’t perfect. Anything was non-matching seams is way awesome in my book. I used muslin as my base which my mother finds weird, but I don’t see any reason why you’d have to use a base at all. They just seem more stable that way. Reckon if I gave ’em all a Xanax they’d be plenty stable? Eh, no, I don’t want to share!

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