BSQ: Blocks 3-6

Blast that Tula Pink!  I’m hooked on these quilt blocks and can’t stop making them.  Pace yourself, I counseled by addiction-prone personality.  Yeah, right.

I think this one’s my favorite.
Or maybe this one.
But not this one.
Definitely not this one!

This whole endeavor has reinforced what I’ve known for some time: I like bright prints and I cannot lie!  You other brothers can’t deny, that when a girl walks in with a itty-bitty waist and a round thing in your face, you get...whohoo, my apologies Sir Mix-a-Lot!

There are ninety-four more blocks to go.  Aargh!  Thinking about it in those terms makes me twitchy, but these are too much fun.    I have a whole shelf of fat quarters crying out to be used in one of these blocks rather than the ginormous scrappy snowballs/I spy quilt I had in mind.  These I can handle.





  1. Lovely blocks – and since you can make them all look different with different fabrics it’s almost like a new project with every block. (That was my sad attempt to spur you on to finish the other 94 blocks …..

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