Bite-sized Quilting: Block #1

I don’t know about anyone else, but piecing and quilting anything of a substantial size just about does me in.  By the time I’ve arrived at the end (or very near it), I absolutely loathe everything about it, from the fabric to the pattern to the time suck it winds up being and all I can think is ‘Please, God, let this be done already’.  And to think I took up this hobby as a way to relax.  Hmmmm.

Anyway, the last retreat Mom and I attended, we wound up escaping for a few hours to a LQS where I picked up this little baby for half price.  Yes, me, I got a bargain!  My Nana would be so proud.


I love anything Tula Pink does.  It’s fresh, it’s modern and, reality or not, it screams simplified.  Now, I’d be lying if I said I bought this book to do anything with it other than stare at the pages which is what I do with most of my quilting books.  Go figure.  Most of the time, I just make a quilt up as I go along and call it a day.  ‘Fly by the seat of my pants’ sewing.  It works.  Most of the time.  Ahem.

I’m currently working on some items that are bigger with time-crunch type deadlines which give me hives so, I broke out this book to peruse and sigh.

Y’all…I…made…a…blockI accomplished something.  SQUEAL!


And, once again, as I sat there sewing it together, all I could think was ‘This is gonna suck’.  I blame it on the fact that I lack what I refer to as ‘The Sight’.  I can never envision what my quilts will look like once completed, so I’m forever crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

As it turned out, I like it.  It looks even better laying on concrete in full daylight.  Passing traffic got a kick out of the weird chick taking pictures of the cracks in her driveway.

I have no intention of making the other ninety-nine, yes I said ninety-nine, blocks from the same fabric because I have a whole shelf of fat quarters breeding like bunnies that needs to be culled.  We’ll see how it turns out.  We’ll see if I last.  If I can keep focused on bite-sized portions instead of the whole buffet, I’ll be okay.



    • I have a couple of her books and love all the designs. I’ve never done anything sampler-ish. Well, at least not that I remember. The kids seem to have sucked the brains out of me.

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