Fabric Design Friday

My daughter, The Diva, loves to draw and color.  I lucked out when she was little because she never colored the walls…she just tried to bankrupt me by going through markers, crayons and paper by the bucket-load.  This past week, she cranked out a couple of designs that immediately made me think ‘Ooh, quilting fabric!’  Does anyone else do this?

I see polka dots!

I see polka dots.  You may see jelly beans or dinosaur eggs or, if you’re like Haley Joel Osment, maybe you see dead people.  I still see polka dots.

Wretched illness or bad trip?

I don’t know what this is…amoebas or Ebola.  Whatever, it’s cool and I want fabric out of both designs.  Has anyone out there ever used Spoonflower?  If so, tell me about your experience as I’d really like some yardage out of these prints.

Perhaps there’s a future in fabric design for The Diva

You know us creative types–we’re all a little looney!





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