High Five for Hand Me Downs

I love hand me downs.  Back when His Awesomeness was a wee lad, we had a clothing pipeline that kept me out of the kids’ department at Wal-Mart for a good eight years.  The only things I bought were socks and underpants.  You think I’m joking, but I’m not.  Alas, we weren’t so lucky with The Diva and had to fork out the dough, hand over fist, to keep her spectacularly attired in all her girly finery.  Sigh.

Now, there are hand me downs and then there are hand me downs accompanied by fireworks and stirring patriotic anthems…and good lookin’ men in uniform (preferably Navy, but I’ll not be picky).


I’ll leave you to guess which category this little baby fits into.  Why, hello, sailor!  I don’t get this excited unless it’s the end of the day and the bra has come off and I’ve popped the cork on a new bottle.

God bless my mother and her penchant for having the latest and greatest and passing everything else down to yours truly.


I tinkered around with it a bit this evening and quickly discovered that free motion quilting on a home machine is much (muchmuchmuch) different than quilting on a longarm.  I’ll get it.  Eventually.



I tried feathers (epic fail) and pebbles, too.  No, I won’t show you pictures.  I have a few thousand tops to quilt so I’ll have no shortage of practice sessions.

Love you, Mama (and not just ’cause you give me really good stuff)!






  1. I have my DIL that same machine a few years ago. I bought it off of Craigslist. She loves it. I love my Janome. You will really enjoy it. Tell Lennie not to get jealous!

  2. That would probably be one of the best hand-me-downs EVER!!! Lucky, lucky you that you have such a kind Mom!!

  3. You are so welcome to the Janome, you don’t need to tell anyone, but it is about 33 years old, no it can’t be that is my age, ha ha. Love, Mom

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