Did we take life’s simple pleasures for granted?



  1. I Love this post!! So many things in it are so true. Since my mother-in-law passed away in April, the Hubs and I have definitely stepped back to look at things differently. Not that we didn’t enjoy life or people or the cherished things before, it is just that now we see them much more different–more in depth now. The Hubs has always been a workaholic and is now realizing that some things can wait (like things that should be done around the farm), while other things just can’t wait (like spending time visiting with family/friends/etc) and a person just needs to take the time to do that. Like I said, it isn’t that we didn’t enjoy those things before and take time out for them before, we just do it more often now and are more in the moment when we do those things–not thinking about what we should/could be doing or the list of things that need to get done or what have you.

    I also believe many people make their own lives complicated–in things they think they need to have/do/etc. Not many people live the simple life any more, which is a shame. Too many people are rushing around in life nonstop and aren’t enjoying any part of life.

    I wish everyone could read this post. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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