Quilt retreats rank right up there with many of modern man’s greatest inventions: the TV mute button (which oddly enough, gets zero use in our house), soundproofed quilting studios (of which I have absolutely no personal knowledge) and Colin Kaepernick (God is good, y’all).  The only invention better than all those would be melted butter…over Colin Kaepernick.  I thought I was gonna have to fan my mother as she waxed rhapsodic about the latest cover of GQ magazine.  Down, girl, down!  It’s just disgraceful how the grandmas of today conduct themselves 😉

This weekend Mom, my Aunt Doris and I are at our annual quilting extravaganza at Compass Centre in Mt. Calm, TX…along with 22 other diehards who are trying to shove as much fiber fun into one weekend as humanly possible.  As an added bonus, someone else makes the meals and cleans up which prompted a previous retreater to comment that retreat is what it’s like to be a man.  I wouldn’t know as I don’t stand up to pee and have no problem stopping to ask for directions.  But I digress.

Here’s what I’ve finished since Thursday night.  They aren’t quilted yet (obviously) but considering nothing was cut out by the time I got here, it’s an accomplishment.


These are for the retreat center my mother will be opening early next year.  Three down, four more to go.  As a side note, whomever wrote these patterns should be taken out and shot.  Who cuts out squares, cuts ’em in half and THEN pieces them into HSTs?  Straight-jacket people, that’s who!

I have to keep reminding myself that today is Friday and there are two more days, TWO MORE DAYS, of retreat left!



  1. Lol… glad you are having a good time! Mama is opening a retreat center? When? Where? Details, girl! Mute buttons are for commercials and if you don’t use it I get the remote. That is rule number one. Who is this Colin guy? Came off of nights this morn. A little loopy. Hope that all made sense?

    • Mom’s center is called The Roadrunner Retreat Center and is slated to open in early 2014. It’s a 3 bedroom/2 bath house in Lorena, TX with a converted two car garage for the sewing area. It will accommodate 7 retreaters, all meals provided. She doesn’t have a website up yet but I’ll let you know when she does.

      Himself does NOT know how to use the mute button but, wonder of wonders, His Awesomeness does. I’m hoping the young pup can teach the old dog.

      Colin is the QB for the SF 49ers…not that I give a fig about football, but from the neck down, hoowee, he’s nicely put together!

  2. Just a reminder. I am on the first weekend list at Mom’s. I’ll bring enough wine for EVERYONE!

  3. Oh that’s so funny about telling your mom “down girl”…mostly because the other day Jayden and I were at the gas station and a muscular hunka hunk of a guy, very good looking…sexy as all get out pulled in at the next pump and this Granny was salivating! I looked at Jayden and said “Hellllloooooo, come to Granny!!” to which she repeated…so funny!

  4. Taken out and shot! I thought my dh was the only one who said that! Wish I lived close enough to go to the new retreat place. I am going to Franciscan House in Kennebunk, Maine in Nov. for 4 days. They provide everything except sewing machines .. Design walls, ironing stations, great lighting, etc. just sewing and sleeping and eating …can’t wait.

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