Quilting in the Rain and My Neurotic Dog

Here in central Texas, we’ve been enjoying a bit of the wet stuff today…hallelujah and now I’ve had enough.


Most places when it rains, it cools off.  Not so in Texas.  It just feels like someone’s slung a wet wool blanket over your head and turned on a heat lamp.  Rain also means that every two-legged creature that lives here (except moi, of course) will drag in fifty pounds of wet leaves and, not one to be left out, Lulu the boxer will choose to potty in the muddiest spot in the yard and subsequently track it all in.  Is it possible to teach a dog to wipe their paws?  I can’t manage to teach a grown man and two kids how to do that, so I’m guessing not.

This is where Lulu spent most of her day…


That’s right…under my sewing table aka the dining table and almost but not quite on top of my sewing machine pedal.  I’m glad she doesn’t sport a long tail or we’d have issues.

Does this Thunder Shirt make me look sexy?

This acupuncture business must be doing me some good as I cleared a few large branches that had the nerve to fall from the tree outside my kitchen window and still had energy left over to make several string blocks.


Sorry for the awful lighting, but it’s the best I can do in a pinch.  I used a Moda Scrap bag to make these as I do not, repeat, do not save scraps.  Yes, I know, go ahead and have the vapors and let’s move on, shall we.  I’m probably the only quilter on the planet that detests scraps…think Brussels sprouts level hatred and you get the picture.  Anyway, these were taking up space in my sewing cabinet and I was in the mood to just run fabric through my machine until it overheated and begged for mercy.  I’m pretty sure I’ll sash these once I get enough to make a fairly decent sized quilt.  Time will tell.

I’m linking up to the nice folks at Crazy Mom Quilts, Richard Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.



    • It depends. Some rabid quilters (and I use ‘rabid’ with love) save every tidbit, but I don’t have the space and scrap quilts really aren’t my gig. I don’t save strips at all and anything smaller than a charm square goes the way of the dodo bird. For whatever reason, I cannot find a local person or entity that wants them. Go figure. Most wind up in the garbage can. However, one blogging buddy who used to live in Georgia got a bunch of smallish pieces I’d been hoarding and another friend got larger pieces for her Israeli group. Why…are you looking to adopt some scraps?

      • I use my scraps as I create them. Just finished a Chinese coins quilt although the rows are different widths depending on the size of the scrap. Most of my quilts are scrap quilts. Since good quality fabric is now over $10 a yard and I am very frugal (cheep cheep cheep)! I make a lot of charity quilts and I cannot bring myself to toss any. Even trimmings go into a bag for a friend to stuff pet beds. No, I do not need more scraps. My quilt stuff has already taken over the house, if I started adopting scraps I would have to sleep on them!

      • Using them as you get them sounds like a plan. I just kept saving mine and then was overwhelmed so someone else benefitted from them. The only scraps I’m rabid about are batting scraps which I’ll zig-zag together to make crib or even lap-sized batts. The smaller ones I’ll use for pet beds.

  1. Stephie, just a word of caution…from my personal experience…don’t go all hog wild and do crazy stuff just cause ya finally feel good…did I say that??? anyway, it catches up with ya real fast…. I’m glad you are feeling better tho….and I do like the string blocks…bringing more to retreat???? I love your blogs….:)

    • I have come to the realization rather quickly (which is a miracle because stuff usually takes FOREVER to sink through the layers of my brain) that if I have the energy, I better use it up quick because it won’t last long and the next day, I’ll probably feel like ten shades of dog doo. Last Friday, totally disgusted with the state of the bath tile, I broke out toilet cleaner (you read that right) and scoured the shower walls. I slept like a rock and, of course, paid for it the next day. Vacuuming makes me tired. I wish I could store up all that energy but it just doesn’t work that way for me. I’m bringing tablerunners to work on at retreat for Mom’s retreat center…lots of tablerunners…and maybe some crochet. But you can’t look too closely because Eagle-Eye Marilyn will find all my mistakes 😉

  2. Fun blocks. It’s surprising to read that you don’t save scraps/strings. I’m sorry for your weather. Some rainy summer days here in Ohio sound just like your rainy Texas day. Ugh! My mom used to insist that our boxer sit on a rug when she came in until her feet dried (or were nearly dry and our girl would wheedle her way off the rug).

    • I don’t save scraps due to space constraints and a lack of desire to make a scrap quilt. I’m very Type A and like structure and order…that’s just me. As for the weather, I think we’re done with rain for now and it’s cooled off considerably. My husband’s been to Ohio several times for a big car show and loved the weather there. My dog, sadly, is still tracking in the mud.

  3. I recognize that fabric. I still have a charm pack. It is Twirl by Me and My Sister. I loved it and I love what you did with it.

    Stay as active as you can but be smart. What you lose with FMS is hard to regain but doing a marathon because you feel okay today is a sure way to lose the next few days. Ask me how I know.

    Reading your post and comments make me think I am going to start work on a coin quilt. I am not much for string quilts but I think a coin would be a good use of the scraps – which I do keep!!

    • Thanks, Mary…I had two rolls of the stuff.

      I’ve got to use the energy when I have it otherwise I feel like it’s wasted. Take today for instance. After working all day, I came home and decided today was the day to clean out the gutters. Up on the roof and all around the perimeter helping Himself. Now, I’m done and there’re still things to be done. Oh, well.

      I’ve done one coin quilt and it turned out really cute.

  4. Ya know…you could start throwing those scraps in a box and throw them my way….could be some toffee in it for you…

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