Pin This, Sucka!

I have an all-new respect for my trusty pincushion.  Bless its heart.  There it sits, while I poke, prod and stab it with pin after pin and it just takes it.


Which is kind of like how I felt during my first visit to an acupuncturist.  Mind you, I’m doing this all in the name of finding some relief from the pain of fibromyalgia and not because I have a needle fetish.  And, oh, yeah, because my Mama told me to go.

After filling out enough paperwork to run a credit check and walk out with keys to a Ferrari and answering more personal question than even I thought possible (was I getting a free trial-run of eHarmony?), I found myself laid out on a massage table waiting for this motherly-looking type to commence jabbing me.  I have had brighter ideas, I thought, as I watched her prepare to jab me betwixt my eyes with one of those puppies.  Yeah, you betcha, I shut my peepers.

I won’t say it was relaxing and I won’t say it was painful (except that one jab at the base of my neck where I knew beyond any doubt I was about to see Jesus…and pee my pants).  I also won’t say I can see any benefit….yet.  However, I’m a patient person and give it all a ‘wait and see’ attitude.  What am I saying?  Y’all know I’m not patient!  I will say there weren’t as many pins involved as I thought…I was kinda thinking I could turn myself into its own Pinterest board.  And then there’s the idea that I bet I was the whitest, fattest, two-legged porcupine this side of ever laid out on that table.

I’m going back next week to do it all over again, on my day off, which is when all the exciting crap In my life happens.  I knew I couldn’t stay on that damn Lyrica as it was making my hands and face swell and wasn’t doing anything beneficial.  I don’t know that I care if the pain and fatigue completely disappears so long as it’s lessened, I’ll be satisfied.  Stay tuned.


  1. Other than hours of paperwork, how long did the “pinning” go on for? I’ m relieved to hear it wasn’t super painful. I’m really curious about this as I am contemplating it for my knee and i’m a major wimp! I had acupressure years ago and the results were awesome! Keep us posted, you can be a role model.

    • The actual pinning lasted only about 2 minutes. Then I laid there about 15-20 minutes and let them do their thing (what that is, I’ve no idea). She plucked those out, turned me over to my stomach and repeated the process on my back. I almost fell asleep then. The only bad pins were the one to my neck and one in my wrist (but that one went away quickly). It wasn’t bad at all seeing as how I’m going to repeat the whole shebang next week. I’ll keep you posted!

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