Like Takeout

I admit it: I like quick and easy quilt patterns…they’re like takeout for quilters.  While I can certainly appreciate, drool over and covet those intricately made and excessively quilted works I see at quilt shows, me, I like ’em easy.  Kind of like Himself.  Hey, that’s his assessment, not mine!

Perhaps it’s today’s fast-paced get-it-done-in-a-hurry mentality and I have willfully given myself over to it.  So be it.  I’ll be quick and easy, too.  So for today’s (almost) finish, I have a quasi-jelly roll top and a decision to make.

Courtesy of Nurse Jessi and her stash

Each print is modern and funky and there’s even orange in there which I love, love, love!  So, what’s a girl to do?  I decided a lap quilt (for moi) was in order.


Because it was about the equivalent of a half-jelly, it went together very quickly and without the cursing that is inherent in dealing with a full-length jelly strip.  Oh, you don’t curse when untangling all that length?  Well, aren’t you special!

Now, I have to decide on the border.  Me, I like thick chunky borders.  Like my thighs, only not as white and without the cellulite.  Y’all help me decide which looks best, okay.  I’ve got two choices picked out: a dark gray polka dot on light gray or a tone on tone white with stars.


Yes, the light is crap in this picture, but work with me here.  At first I thought gray, but now it just seems to pull the life outta the strips so I’m thinking white instead.  Opinions?  Oh, come ON, I know you’ve got them!  Tell me what you think in the comments.

For now, I’m linking up to Crazy Mom, Richard and Sarah.



  1. If you like the white, go for it. I will just throw one thought out there. What do you intend to do with the quilt? The WoW would never last well in my life. With in a week I would have blood, guts, food, or pet stains on it.

  2. I think the white would be great, but………why don’t you take a 1 1/4″ strip of orange and fold it in half, then sew it on with the fold to the inside then put your white border on….it will really pop the gorgeous colors of the strips… just a thought….:-)

  3. I’m liking the white–it just pulls out the prints in the strips so much better I think. However–White scares the living daylights out of me–I know it wouldn’t even be finished without some sort of mystery spot on it at my house. Can’t wait to see it finished and see what you decide!

  4. I think the gray looks like cellulite in the photo. Go with the white! I like the idea of the orange flange also. I hope you feel better.

    • It’s funny how something looks through the camera lens. In person, the gray looks pretty good..not so much on film.

      As for the other, I don’t feel much better but thanks for the wishes 🙂

    • LOL, and here I thought crumb catchers were boobs! Ahem…sorry. Anyway, I think a flange would be a nice alternative to a skinny inner border. I’ll have to try out an off white and see what I think. Thanks for the suggestion Dorothy 🙂

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