The Human Guinea Pig

The Native Americans got it right.  Go out into the great wide-open, snag some roots, leaves, moss…and presto, you’ve got medicine…taking advantage of nature’s pharmacy and calling it a day all without sitting in a germ-infested waiting room with other viral individuals.

I’m beginning to think that whole scenario is a much brighter idea than ensuring my care (and that of the family) to someone who may have just eeked their way through medical school by the hair of their chinny-chin-chin.  I believe that’s why they call it ‘practicing’ medicine.  Then again, knowing me, I’d probably snatch up a handful of Belladonna and it’d be toes up for old QuiltnMama.

I am now a guinea pig, on the hunt for a medicine/lifestyle change/diet that will make the aches and pains of what turned out to be a diagnosis of fibromyalgia lessen, if not go away altogether.  Is there anything for the fatigue?  Stop laughing, a girl can hope.  What’s interesting is that I found out from someone other than my illustrious physician that I actually have fibro.

Long story short, she wanted me to have a sleep study based on the fact that I responded ‘yes’ when asked if I snore.  Apparently, this isn’t enough to qualify for health insurance to pay so…no sleep study for me.  As a side note, Himself has assured me that I do not stop breathing in my sleep although at times he’s thought of holding a pillow over my face to shut out the snoring.  Did I mention I sleep with earplugs to drown him out?  Anyhoo, the sleep center nurse was rattling off a brief (haha) rundown of my medical history when she pops out with ‘Oh, I see you’ve also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia’.  Well, that’s news to me since dear doc never bothered to tell me.

So, it was back on the phone to the doctor’s office and a very polite (stop rolling your eyes, I am capable of polite) request for them to tell me exactly what the hell she thought was wrong with me and to call me something in to try to alleviate all these delightful symptoms.  I’m surprised insurance covered the Lyrica.  Time will tell what awesome side effects I get to endure, one of which is weight gain.  Lovely.  Pretty soon I may be big enough to steer like the Titanic.  And we know how well THAT turned out.

Wish me luck.




  1. Stephanie, bless you….if you find out … or maybe I should say ….If you discover what to do to get relief from Fibromyalgia……let me know…….it’s my …..whatever you call it…..too!

    • Well, I’ve had 4 doses of Lyrica since yesterday. I’ve had a couple of side effects, but nothing bad. I don’t feel dizzy or disoriented…more like my brain is a few paces behind my body. Weird but not unbearable. The other was some funky thing with my vision early this morning…almost like looking through water and I swear the fluorescent lights were flickering like heatwaves. Fur-reaky! I almost broke out into my John Travolta ‘Saturday Night Fever’ rendition but I restrained myself. I’ll keep you updated 🙂

      • One thing the dr told me is it might take up to 6 months for the meds to take effect….I was on Lyrica and then Cymbalta and then on Savella…. Savella seems to help more than either of the other ones after a year or so…but then I know some have really had good results with Lyirca and Cymbalta….just my crazy body I guess… what you have to….it’s crazy….:-)

      • My understanding is that nothing makes the pain entirely disappear which sucks, however, I had a pretty good day today. Not sure if that’s because today was just my day or if it was the med. Guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Right now I’m just tired.

      • tired is definitely understood…..hits you all of a sudden or it’s there all the time…and without pain, not a deal for me…it’s always there….but I know it’s not just from Fibro….it also RA and Osteoarthritus….etc…etc…..lots of fun……..NOT hang in there Sweetie

      • I’ve noticed that I’ll either hurt really bad and not be exceptionally tired OR I’ll hurt somewhat and and be butt-dragging exhausted. It’s like a roller coaster all day. It’ll all work out. I figure this is God’s way of teaching me patience and forbearance (is that the right word?).

  2. I wish you luck. I took Lyrica starting the day it came on the market. September 2002 I think. It made me sleepier. I had to stsy moving. After about three months I stopped because it really messed with my fine motor skills. Since I was handling pots of molten sugars (350*) all day that was a bad SE for me. It also has zero effect upon my migraines. I had no weight gain but I walked two miles a day when I started taking it. Good luck. If you don’t like it. Ask the Dr to try Mobic. Fewer SE and it helped me for over a year.

    • I can’t really tell it’s made me sleepy since I’m tired all the time anyway. I certainly don’t feel any sleepier than has been the norm lately. It must be working because instead of just wanting to make it through my day, I actually wanted to chew someone’s face off. Ah, that’s more like the ‘normal’ me!

      • I remember the vision stuff more that you mention it. The sleepy from Lyrica was different than the tiredness. I would just randomly fall asleep. I have a family member that is a physician and she thinks doctors are using Fibro as a catch all and dxing too early. I often wonder if that isn’t part of why different things work for different people. NSAIDS work best for me.

      • I wish they’d come up with a test to definitively diagnose fibro instead of running all these tests to rule out everything else. I shudder to think what that bill will be like. Naproxyn hasn’t touched it, besides which it breaks my mouth out. Time will tell.

  3. I guess the up side is that at least you know what you’re dealing with. My SIL has fibromyalgia and all I know is that different things work for different people. Good Luck with finding something to relieve your symptoms.

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