His Awesomeness Turns 14

Happy 14th Birthday to the child who made me a mom for the first time…and gave me stretch marks and gray hair….His Awesomeness. 

I don’t often make embarrassing comments in public, but when I do, I prefer to embarrass my children.

Happy Birthday to my 4 pound 1 ounce wonder…who is now officially taller than me.


I called him from work this morning to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ so that he could intersperse the verses by saying ‘Mom’, ‘Mother’, ‘Ma’, ‘Mooooom’.  I absolutely live to exasperate the offspring.  I will repeat it…it’s the little things, y’all!



    • I’ll pass on your message to him. As for the mother of the year thing, well, we’ll see. He’s promising me the year until he moves out will be eventful. Sounds like a threat to me.

  1. ahh 14, we too have entered this wonderful high school age this year and already the changes we have seen are amazing and aggrivating all at the same time, I hope you share some of these wonderful times as you go along so i won’t feel so alone!

    • Ah, yes…it’s charming to snarky in 2.2 seconds. Gotta love it! He’s enjoying the fact that he’s now taller than me. Knowing him, I’ll have plenty of blog fodder…stay tuned!

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