Blocks Behaving Badly

My Mama joined me yesterday as I eschewed responsible adult activities like housecleaning and sat myself at Lennie the Featherweight and proceeded to sew the day away.  I was and still am in a piecing mood…never mind the quilting part.  Give me piecing or give me death!  Or something like that.

I finished up the top today and, while I really like the end product, the blocks themselves were utter bee-otches.  Like a roomful of premenstrual women who’ve run out of Midol and chocolate.


I pieced this from a bargain basement charm pack ($5) and stash.  Hey, Julianne, do the reds look familiar?  They should since you sent them to me!  My Mama dubbed this one very ‘Japanese’ which I assume means tranquil which can be further interpreted as ‘totally not Stephanie’.  I admit it’s definitely not my usual but it’s growing on me.  Kind of like a fungus only without the fuzzies and anti-fungal meds.

We are now roughly one month away from the start of school.  Can you hear the heavenly hosts singing?  Oh, wait, haha, that’s me.  There’s a quilt retreat in the works, but I’ll save that for another post.

Brace yourselves, it’s almost Monday.


  1. How pretty!!! Hmmm….must look different in person because I don’t see Japanese at all. I really like it. I love red, though. Apparently, I am in the same piecing mood. I just counted 9 tops waiting to be quilted. Right now I am fighting borders. Grrrr….

    • The blocks she was looking at have a Japanese feel to them. As for tops, I’ve got you beat at 17 but I just can’t help myself. Must. Feed. The. Machine!

  2. I think the gray sashing was a brilliant choice. When this is quilted it is going to be fab! I was bordering two quilts this weekend. Makes 14 tops that need quilting. I found a place that rents out long arm time with instructions. I’m going to check it out in September.

    • I don’t know how brilliant it was so much as it was close at hand and just kind of worked. I’ll get on a tear of quilting and use my mom’s machine. Last time I did that, I whipped out 8 quilts in one weekend.

  3. Very pretty!

    I’m just the opposite when it comes to quilting vs. piecing. I coud vey happily never piece another quilt top as long as I’ve got enough hand-quilting to keep me busy.

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