West Quilt Train: The Log Car

I finally had another load of quilts ready to deliver for West residents today.  Some of them I’d had ready way earlier, but they didn’t make it, so if you see pictures and think ‘hey, I thought those had already gone somewhere…’ well, think again.  The conductor (that’s me) can be a little scatterbrained at times.  I had a total of six quilts and two blankets today for a local nursing home.  The Diva went with me, lugging bags and generally acting as my elf in July.

All my previous deliveries had been to a central location and those folks then distributed them for me.  Today was different because we got a list of names and a ‘go ye forth’ and were sent down the hallways of the home in search of these folks.  I told them why they were getting a quilt and where their specific quilt had come from.  All of them were delighted to have a little something from someone who cared.

From Wanda Towery
From Wanda Towery

Wanda, your black/white quilt went to a lady who was hand-piecing a quilt when we arrived.  Another lady received the tan/blue star.


From Karen Lieberman


From Karen Lieberman

This Sunbonnet Sue went to a lady who first wanted to know ‘how much’ and then asked where to send her thank-you note.  When I told her no cost and no card, she couldn’t believe it.  She said to tell you thank you, Karen.  She’d settled down for a nap with the quilt by the time we left.  The churn dash we draped over a napping lady who’ll find it when she wakes up.  Hey, I don’t disturb my sleeping children.  You think I’m going to risk waking up an elder?!



These two from Mickey White were our first deliveries.  Both ladies were super excited.



These fleece blankets, also from Mickey, went to two more ladies.  One lady, who received the red one, just cried and cried.

Girls, y’all made someone’s day today.  Thank you so much!


I learned three things from this trip today:

1) Little old ladies love The Diva.

2) Hugs from perfect strangers are strange, but nice…especially little old lady hugs.

3) I friggin’ hate nursing homes and will never put my folks in one.


I have a stack of tops ready to be quilted and hope to have another delivery (and post) ready sometime soon.  I gotta hurry so The Diva and I can get another fix of hugs.








  1. My mother worked in nursing homes for over 25 years. I did it for a few summers. It is hard but rewarding at times. Problem is people treat them as storage units for the elderly. Mypapaw took my great Granny home every Sunday and visited her a couple days a week. That is how they should work! Thank you for doing this.

  2. Thanks for all you are doing here ( and I love to read your posts !) .
    I’m glad my quilts and blankets went to the nursing home !! and for your report back .
    Blessings to you and the Diva !

  3. What a great “learning experience” for the diva. My mom was in a nursing home for 14 months. I only missed 2 days visiting her.. Played a lot of cards. Her quilt got left behind to warm another elder.
    Karen’s churn dash color combo is gorgeous!

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