Our Country is Doomed and I Have Proof

His Awesomeness was in dire need of a haircut, so this morning we found ourselves in a local Great Clips.  While there, I overheard one of the stylists discussing another customer’s vacation plans.  The man stated he was going to Mexico on a cruise and needed a passport for the trip.

‘Oh, you need a passport to get into Mexico, huh?’ the stylist asked and then added, ‘But not New Mexico, right?’

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that this is proof our great country is going to hell in a handbasket.  If the politicians don’t do us in by selling us all down the river, it’ll be the nincompoops.

Image credit: Bing

Just in case you’ve missed it, New Mexico is one of the 50 states in the United States.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a map.

Lesson over.


  1. Yes, and they reproduce. A few weeks ago I was in the local Chinese restaurant. A white girl asked the Chinese guy and me, “Does Indiana have a beach?” We replied that it had Indiana Beach … on a lake. NO, she showed us a picture. This is an ocean and it says Indiana. We told her it was on Lake Michigan. She said – and I quote – “So, we have an ocean?” Refer to above map.

      • Okay, I will now confess that when I first had world geography in the third grade I mistakenly thought it was the Indiana Ocean. I did not think it was in Indiana. And, I was in the third grade. I think that mistake only lasted about a week. She was at least 17 or 18.

      • Yes, but some folks have more important things to ponder than geography and that whole learning gig. You know, stuff like texting while driving.

  2. Just a dumb Aussie here but isnt Alaska somewhere near Canada, and not stuck off the side of Mexico? I’m genuinely asking…

    I’m right with you., We only have two territories and 6 states down under and tons of people can’t name the capital cities in each of them.

    • You’re right about Alaska…don’t feel bad. I wasn’t aware Australia had states and I sure as hell can’t name the capitals. I can’t even name the capitals of the US states. That’s what an atlas is for. But at least I know NEW MEXICO is a state and not part of Old Mexico.

  3. I live in Indiana ; and yes , we have many beaches and lakes ; but no Lake Indiana ! yes Indiana Beach is for real on Lake Shafer ( boy , that would really confuse her ) . and OH YES < we are in trouble . Young people do not know how to think on their own . they are too stuck in their cell phone world .

    • Sounds about right. It’s an uphill battle to try and raise the Co-Defendants up to be intelligent adults when the world is working against us.

  4. I once saw a British actor (Jeremy Irons I think) on a talk show. He said something about his house in Hampshire. Someone in the audience stood up and corrected him, saying that he must have meant “New Hampshire”. Do they just not teach geography any more?

    • At first I thought “Well, of course, they still teach it” but then it hit me that in the interest of inclusiveness and coddling feelings of the troglodytes (is that the word I want?) we must banish any subject or activity that makes the little darlings feel “less than” their neighbor. All that to say, heck if I know if they teach it anymore! As long as Susie Sunshine’s feelings don’t get hurt and she can carry on texting with abandon, who the heck cares about New Mexico?! Ugh, I think I need to lie down.

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