More Passengers for the West Quilt Train

I received two more quilts and two fleece blankets for the residents of West, TX from Mickey W. of Indiana (where they have a Indiana Beach, but no ocean…check the comments section of this post).  I have plans to deliver them to a local nursing home at week’s end.





Mickey, these quilts are just gorgeous!  Thanks so much for your generosity!



  1. Quilts are gorgeous! Are you still collecting? I may be able to help now. Btw, Indiana Beach is on Lake Shafer. I know. Makes no sense. It is actually an amusement park, too. I think. I have never been.

    • Aren’t they!? They’re really bright and colorful…just my style. I’m still sewing away on blocks people have sent me. I figure if I have them all put into tops and quilted by next April, I’ll have done well. If you want to send something, that’s great. I won’t turn it down.

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