Cupcakes and Sprinkles

Taking time off work is the adult equivalent of playing hooky from school.  I don’t care that I’ve asked to be off, it’s the fact of simply NOT BEING AT WORK that makes me giddy.

So, with The Diva and I back from our San Antonio sojourn, I decided I’d better get busy in my sewing corner and accomplish something, anything before the Testosterone Twins made it home Monday night from South Carolina.  S.C. is where my son was introduced to flirting Southern girls and he seemed totally oblivious to it beyond the fact that the girl was really cute and he took pictures.  Of course, at almost-fourteen, he’ll tell you he’s a total ladies man.  It’s funny that Himself offered pointers on flirting as the man’s marriage proposal went something like this…’there’s something in the glove compartment for you’.  But that’s another story.

I had the blocks already pieced; it was simply the act of getting my act together that I had to accomplish.  That, and the almost impossible to ignore call of my carpets to be vacuumed.  But, I decided I could live with white dog hair on green carpet…I needed to sew.


I’m not sure if I like it, but it’s finished.  The pink sprinkles fabric is a heckuva lot pinker indoors which is where I wanted to be while taking this picture since it was about 100F outside.

Here’s a closeup…


I’m staying inside today where it’s cold enough to hang meat.




  1. Disclaimer, I am working nights. We are having major storms. Dogs aren’t happy. Thus I am not sleeping. I don’t mean to be rude but I fear I lack tact at times like these. So….how are you going to quilt it? I feel like it needs something in the open space of the lighter blocks. If you quilt a design in there I think you would like it better. It is a cute design. I would quilt some cupcakes onto those squares and I bet it would pop more.

    • I saw all that rain on your FB post…don’t blame the puppy one bit for not wanting to go out. Send some of that our way, would you? As for the quilt, I intended to tie it which seems fastest at the moment. It’ll be another of my West Quilt Train quilts.

  2. I do believe I have some of that cupcake fabric lurking in my stash …

    Vacuuming is over rated and Im praying dog hair on carpets becomes a new home decor statement because I dont vacuum at all between house cleans (which someone else comes and does for me )

    Congrats on the almost finish!

  3. His marriage proposal sounds a lot like my dad’s proposal to my mom only his went something like “my mom sent something for you. It’s in the glove compartment.” It worked though, just passed the 47th anniversary! The quilt is really cute!

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