Miss Sew ‘n Sew

Let me start off with a disclaimer here: I am not a patient person.  Corporate types would have me believe that I can change my propensity for impatience for the betterment of humanity and think of all the awesome outcomes for the world at large if I would just tweak my personality a bit here and there.  To that I say: Horse hockey!  I don’t ask anyone else to change their presumably annoying habits for my mental health so leave me mine, thank you very much. 

Having said that, I’ve been teaching The Diva to sew, off and on, for about two years now.  It’s stop and start and stop again which kind of drives me crazy but this is how she rolls.  I’ve discovered that teaching a home-ec skill to an uber-perfectionist with ADHD is like trying to herd cats on speed.  But, I’m nothing if not persistent.

About a year and a half ago, The Diva dug into my gluttonous stash of charm squares and sewed them, willy-nilly, into rows.  Quarter-inch seams?  Um, no, but close enough for government work, as my mother would say.  And then the rows sat…and sat…and sat until I thought for sure they’d simply rot from age.

Imagine my surprise when Monday evening she exclaimed that she was going to finish her quilt top.


She plugged along and, for the most part, got the quarter-inch thing down and didn’t sew her (or my) fingers.  Success!  In less than an hour, she had a quilt top.

And it was at this point, that she changed her mind about what she was going to make.  Shut up.  Changing one’s mind is, after all, a woman’s prerogative.

This is what she made…


And this is who got it…


She’s quite pleased with herself (and so am I).


Nicely done, Diva, nicely done.






  1. Awesome job! Gorgeous bed, child and dog, not necessarily in that order. What kind of dog is it. Pat on the back for the Diva. Wait until it is time to teach her to drive.

    • Thanks, Sue…I think all three are really awesome myself. The driving thing I’m leaving up to Himself; I’ve already volunteered to teach my son. Lulu, the dog, is a boxer…she’s our obedient child.

      • Tell her my pups could use a few! That would be a great charity project for her to make them for dog rescues! Theres a scrap buster!!

      • She work pace isn’t what I’d call speedy, so I wouldn’t hold my breath. However, the rescue thing isn’t a bad idea. I could unleash her on my charm square stash.

  2. That is so thoughtful of the Diva to make the pretty pillow for your dog. I love the bright colors! I can’t blame her for starting something and seeting it aside for a extended period of time—I have a tendancy to do that myself. Even better if you can find the specific project when you are looking for it and think you want to finish it.

    • Thanks, Samantha! You know what’s funny? The fabric is ‘The Quilt Diva’ from Moda. My daughter already fancies herself as The Diva so adding Quilt to it shouldn’t be too far behind. God help me, she’s becoming a Featherweight hog. Time to get her her own machine. She has her own stash…yes, I said stash and Gramma bought her her own sewing basket complete with more crap than even I’d know what to do with! Been missing you, girl! Come back soon…

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