The Diva’s San Antonio

The Diva and I enjoyed a couple of days in the hot, humid and crowded streets of San Antonio doing our very best to boost the economy and not get run down by overly aggressive import-driving tourists.  If you ever head this direction, I highly recommend taking the toll road around Austin thereby avoiding the downtown area and the potential of picking up any icky T.U. cooties.   You’re welcome.


Eighty-five miles an hour and not a cop in sight?  Sign. Me. Up.  If we’d been on I-35, you can bet dollars to donuts we’d be sitting in bumper to bumper traffic due to a massive pileup and waiting for someone to make the hood of their car into a steel hemorrhoid for mine.  Take the toll road!

Himself and I honeymooned in San Antonio sixteen (O.M.G.!) years ago and it was lovely.  Then again, that may have been the raging hormones, comfy bed and breakfast and youthful ignorance.  I quickly discovered that touring this fair city is far different with an 8 year old than it is with a hot young stud.  But, I digress.

Apparently, there are two different San Antonios, at least, according to The Diva.  The first one is young and hip and can generally be found at the mall (gag!) while the other is for old people.  Like me.  Did I mention that tomorrow’s her birthday?  Wish her luck ’cause with comments like that, she’s gonna need it.

So, for the first post of our SA trip, I give you the hip version.

She was utterly unimpressed with the Alamo.  Frankly, were I an almost-nine-year-old girl, I might be, too.  The Riverwalk got the same yawn and eyeball roll.


Walking about where you know good and well that brave men met a gruesome end is a tad unsettling, but for the historical relevance it just can’t be beat.  I say go, The Diva says no.

For the life of me, I cannot fathom why the kiddo thought the Menger Hotel was awesome.  Yes, it was lovely and old with a capital ‘O’.  Built in 1859, it’s the oldest operating hotel west of the Mississippi.  Hey, Menger, I plugged you in my blog…where’s my fee?!  Anyway, we scampered about inside like we belonged there and snapped a few pictures.  Did I mention it’s supposedly haunted?  Yep, the crew of Ghost Hunters did a bit of hunting here.



The place is crammed with antiques and steep as all get out stairs, but I’ll save that for the old fogie post.  Stay tuned.

We took two, yes two, carriage rides around downtown as The Diva is enamored with all things horse.  Our first ride was with Sarah and Hollywood.  Sarah knew her stuff and Hollywood did his stuff while scooting down the road.  This was The Highlight of the entire trip according to The Diva.

Paige, Sarah and Hollywood
Paige, Sarah and Hollywood
Paige and Sarah


Becky, Paige and Lucy
Becky, Paige and Lucy


We hit the Zoo early Thursday morning when it was cool.  You know, like 80 degrees with 80% humidity.  Cool for Texas in June, anyway.




I am horsed and malled out, y’all!  I’m not entirely certain how it’s possible for me, a woman who hates shopping and who isn’t exactly keen on anything equine, to have given birth to this child.  But, she claims to have had tons of fun (minus Himself and His Awesomeness which was just an added bonus) so we’ll call this trip a success.  We’re already planning another.

God help me.




  1. I see the Diva’s point.l Anything that remotely smacks of something you might learn about in school (ie the Alamo) is definitely uncool when you’re on Summer Vacation.

    And when you’re 9 – horses and ghosts are definitely in the cool basket!

    Off to read your take on the trip!

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