San Antonio For the Rest of Us

As promised, I’ve divided the girls’ trip to San Antonio into two parts according to my daughter, The Diva’s, classifications of hip and old.  Hip is for the nine-year old and younger set.  Old is the rest of us.  Go ahead and scoff, you twentysomethings!  She means you, too.  Heehee.

So, Wednesday we started out at the Alamo.  Granted, I’m not real keen on trudging around trying to figure out where so-and-so met their grisly end, but I did love the grounds.  For someone who’s related to a cactus killer, seeing green, healthy, thriving flora is way awesome.  Yes, we have green stuff around here, but it’s usually mold covered cheese.  Just sayin’.  Add in the fella out front proclaiming the imminent apocalypse and our trip to the Alamo was complete.




The Diva loved the horse-drawn carriage rides and, while I generally prefer to be as far from animal excrement as humanly possible, I did manage to catch some fairly awesome photos.


The Buckhorn Saloon…back in the day, you’d bring in antlers and get a beer.  I can see Himself being fairly keen on this concept.



That’s The Diva and I being pulled along by Hollywood.



The first Jewish boys orphanage in San Antonio…now it’s a nightclub.  Go figure.  We Texans are nothing if not enterprising…and slightly odd.

There was the opera house which was right across the alley from the saloon and cat house upstairs.  I suppose during intermission, you’d head over for a brew and a case of the clap, then head back for the second  act.  We Texans certainly are time management gurus, are we not?

Then there was the Zoo.  Most folks get excited over the animals, but not me.  My mother-in-law would’ve been over the moon to see the bougainvillea.

Bird of Paradise
Who knows?
Beautiful stain-glass ceiling
Beautiful stain-glass ceiling

Check out this floor…can you say ‘quilt top’?


Shay, of Quilting in My Pyjamas fame, this next one’s for you!  Haagen-Daaz!!


Friday we headed toward Kerrville and my all-time favorite quilt shop, Creations.  It’s very pretty country.


The Diva talked me into stopping at the Airport Diner in Fredericksburg…our last stop.  My folks often stop there when they take The Co-Defendants camping.  It was wonderful food and very friendly people.


The Hangar Hotel is next door to the diner and we watched plans fly in and out while we ate.

I knew we’d made it back to Central Texas when the wind picked up and my allergies kicked in.  Ah, home sweet allergy attack home.

We had an awesome time, just the two of us.  Considering that we generally get along like two tomcats in a sack, that’s saying quite a lot.  For three glorious days I was the awesomest mom on the planet.  I’m milking it for all it’s worth!


  1. Glad you had such a good time! Since you like flowers, have you been to the Texas Wild Flower Seed Farm over by Fredricksburg. Okay, I had to look that up. But, I know we didn’t drive too far from San Antonio to get there. I bet you would enjoy it. The Diva, not so much.

    There are several Quilt Gardens in the northern part of our state. I really want to see them. Unfortunately, my husband hates to travel.

    I hope Paige has a wonderful day. Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday, too. She is a lot older than 9. Four and two thirds times older. LOL

    • Yes, I wanted to go but didn’t want to listen to the complaining just to get through it. We passed it on our way home…my folks like to go there to get seed.

      We hit our local zoo for her birthday (and about melted into the pavement). She’s just ready for Himself and His Awesomeness to get home from S.C.

  2. Darn you and your salted caramel. My head almost exploded when I saw that. Then I exploded into maniacal laughter. You’re evil!

    That saloon looks exactly like what I’d expect to see in Texas. And I love that stained glass ceiling.

    Salted caramel aside – your trip looks wonderful .

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