Quilt Top: Accomplished

You know, like Mission: Accomplished?  Never mind.

So THAT’S what it feels like to actually get something finished!  For a while there, I was convinced I was done with quilting…at least for the foreseeable future.  Lennie the Featherweight and I are so t-a-r-d, tired that we could f-a-r-t, faint.  Yes, that’s another of my Granmommie’s sayings…enjoy.

Here’s the top I finished today for West using blocks sent to me from Amanda R. of the Facebook group, Just Us Quilters…


These are wonderfully scrappy blocks.  I’ve never made a sampler quilt myself, so this was a fun first.  The sashing and border fabric from my stash is navy with western-type stars.  I’m rather pleased.

Thanks Amanda for your generosity!


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  1. Sometimes it does feel like you;’re never going to have a finish again odesnt it? Love what you’ve accomplished though.

    I love sampler quilts but have never had the motivation to finish one yet.

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