WIPs and a New Hard Drive

It’s not that kind of post.  Next blog!

Himself finally brought home our newly fixed computer…it’s kind of like neutering the dog and just as expensive but without the fun of watching a drugged pooch sway about the living room (hooray…can you hear the vortex that is sucking the money from my wallet?!) and I can once again bore the blogging community with pictures and such. Enjoy!

I have a couple of tops finished for the West Quilt Train. Progress has been exceptionally slow (it’s the quilter, not the quilts) and I’m feeling a little guilty. However, and stop me if I’ve already mentioned it, I’ve found a local nursing home that’s housing twenty-four West residents so at least there’s a new goal for me.

Here’s one top I pieced using blocks from Brigitte M. of Michigan…modelled by The Diva.  The border fabric is (don’t quote me) Laura’s London Lawns.  It’s so soft and girly…love it!


I attempted to channel my inner pioneer (it wasn’t pretty, but have you actually seen an attractive pioneer woman?) and used what I had on hand and ‘as is’ for the next top.  I’m thinking of calling it ‘The Odd Sibling’ because he’s just a little hinky.  The Diva probably thinks the moniker is referring to His Awesomeness.

Would it qualify for one of those Gee’s Bend quilts…who knows?  My inner perfectionist was writhing in agony.  I medicated her with wine.


Those are really white polka dots on black, but from here it looks like a bad LSD trip…or so I’m told.

I’m currently working with blocks from Amanda R.  I achieved a layout I like and chose a navy with small stars for the sashing and borders.


Given time (and the proper weight to wine ratio) I should have the top finished by tomorrow evening.  Wish me good drinking luck!

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