West Quilt Train Car #3: The Flatcar

If things were moving any slower in the sewing department around here, I’d have Himself check me for a pulse. Where’s Nurse Jessi?!  Calling Code Blue!!

I never truly appreciated how slow of a quilter I am until I considered the possibility that a turtle might just be faster…if turtles could sew, which they can’t but, hey, if we can teach dolphins to detect bombs and send chimps into space, I’d say there’s a good chance we could teach turtles to quilt.  Ya never know, right?  Never mind.

If you’re one of my FB friends who’s sent me blocks or tops, don’t fret, I’ll get them done! Perhaps, I should consider Red Bull…or meth…or both.  In my defense, I work full time and have kids and a husband who, oddly enough, like to eat and wear clean clothes.  Gawd, they’re soooo demanding! 

At any rate, I’ve got another load of quilts to deliver for West on Tuesday through a lady from my work (thank you, Aimee).

The first grouping came from Wanda T who’s in my FB group, Just Us Quilters.  They were already quilted and ready to go.  The blue and green star quilt went to a nursing home patient who was celebrating her ninety-something birthday and was tickled pink to receive it.  Thanks, Wanda!





These last three pictures are tops made by Karen L, who’s also in my FB group.  She sent the tops and the backing fabric for each one.

Aside from the comfort-giving aspect of these quilts, I’ve loved seeing how other quilters put different colors and patterns together.  That, for me, is one of the hardest parts about quilting…I never know what looks good with what and generally wind up disappointed with the results.  So much of what other folks have sent has really inspired me to take chances and just go for it. That said, I want Karen to adopt me…or at least put me up for a few weeks and teach me everything she knows about choosing colors and patterns.  It helps that I know where she lives…just kidding…well, no, not really.

On a rather sad note, I found out that one of the men who lost everything in the West explosion, also lost his wife yesterday morning in a traffic accident.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Thank you to everyone who has sent something my way for these people; they are so appreciative for whatever they’ve received and we all know that a quilt is really a fabric hug.  I’ve been putting the names of the quilters on the binding of each quilt so that the recipients know the quilts’ origins.  One lady said it meant so much to know that someone was thinking of them.

Until next time: ALL ABOARD!


  1. I am amazed by the generosity! Love the aqua/pink one. The really colorful one of mostly stars is beautiful. I’ve never seen a jump rope Sun Bonnet Sue. Really cute. Will keep that poor man in my prayers. There really hasn’t been much in the news about West up here in MA. Thank you for what you are doing. Sue

    Sent from my iPad

    • I’ve loved them all…just to see what other quilters do is amazing. Karen bought the Sunbonnet Sue’s at a garage/estate sale (I think)…I loved her sashing of roses with the polka dot border.

  2. Thanks for doing this for the people in West. I am so glad my little quilt was given to the Birthday girl and brightened her day! Thanks again!

    When you figure out how to break your family’s habit of eating and wearing clean clothes, would you share it with us? There ought to be a 12 step program!

    • Maybe I can call in Dr. Phil and he can spout off one of his famous quotes…”You want Mama to cook and clean?! That dog just won’t hunt!!” LOL!!

  3. Girl! I completely understand being behind! I haven’t even done a blog post in almost a month! And, reading them, eh?! I just skim the good ones, like yours! 😉
    I will check the schedule and email you on some upcoming off dates~

    • Yep, you don’t want to go reading any of those junk blogs…just head for the good stuff, right?! LOL!! I need help with the blocks people have sent…I have no idea how to put them together.

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