TGIF and Quilts

Little Orphan Annie may have sung of the virtues of tomorrow, but I’m so glad it’s Friday, I could weep. Bring on the weekend!

Today, I braved I-35 Friday afternoon traffic (trust me when I say, there’s no amount of Xanax on the planet that would help with that drive) and delivered seven more quilts to West, TX. That’s twenty in all if you’re keeping a count. Among those I took, were quilts from Brigitte in Michigan, Sue in Massachusetts and Julianne in California. You can see a picture of five of them here.  I added two more passengers to the train car last night after finishing up the bindings.

From Brigitte in Michigan
From Brigitte in Michigan

Here’s the backing I chose for it.



Here’s a couple of shots of The Diva and the last quilt to hop aboard.



The Diva
The Diva

I’m anticipating some batting from one of the major batting manufacturers.  Thanks to Christine from my FB quilting group, Just Us Quilters, for the info.  I made a call, whined and wheedled, and with luck, will have a few packages on my doorstep in a  week or so.  Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

I keep telling myself I really need to clean house before The Co-Defendants start writing SOS messages in the dust.  And the carpets, well, I rationalize that the yard’s still muddy after all the rain we got yesterday, so really, what’s the point in vacuuming until that dries up right?   We’re just gonna keep tracking in mud and leaves until then.  Besides, I’ve got better things to do…like quilt!

Have a great weekend y’all!








  1. I feel you pain regarding 35! My daughter is going to Baylor in the fall and following many trips I found that it I left at 9:30 pm I can drive straight through, no hang ups in traffic, but otherwise …

    • Ugh, be careful out there! The ‘speed limit’, what a laugh, is 65-70 but to keep from getting run over I just try to keep up with everyone else. It’s a death trap as far as I’m concerned.

  2. I lived in Austin several years ago, and I completely sympathize with you about 1-35 traffic!! by the way- what a wonderful mission for you to deliver quilts to those in need. I especially love the jelly roll quilt top!

  3. I lived in Rochester, NY for 10 years. They had the worst intersection in the entire US for the entire time I lived there. No, really. It was one of the very early Interstate intersections. They made three like it and then stopped doing it that way. The US government managed to get the other two fixed, but the placement of the one in Rochester made doing that almost impossible. They finally tore down multiple businesses and about 20 houses and got it done.

    I feel your pain driving on really bad roads.

    • This reminds me of the traffic circle we have in Waco. I love it…no, seriously I do. But most people don’t know how to approach them much less get around one. I especially love watching people at 4 way stop signs. You’d think it was complicated judging by the behaviour of some of them. Frankly, I think we should just cross our arms and twitch our nose like I Dream of Jeannie. Wouldn’t that solve all our problems?!

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