West Quilt Train Car #2: The Boxcar

The West Quilt Train keeps rumbling down the tracks and it’s become apparent that all attempts at maintaining a reasonably presentable domicile have been abandoned. I sure hope Martha Stewart doesn’t put in an appearance because my dining room cannot currently qualify as a ‘good thing’.


Himself has assured me that a walkway between the kitchen and living room to the back door is totally unnecessary.  I haven’t caught him in a full eyeball roll so I’m operating under the assumption that his statement is utterly sincere.  As a bonus, I’ve learned to navigate my way around it all in near darkness as I get ready in the morning, thereby avoiding stubbed toes and unsavory expletives.  Those I save for when I get to work.  The expletives, not the stubbed toes.

Anyhoo, here’s the boxcar load for West…


The first quilt is from Sue in Norfolk, MA; the third one comes from Julianne in sunny Placerville, CA; and the fourth one’s from my Mama.  Many thanks, ladies!

Wanna close up of Sue’s and Julianne’s quilts?  Here they are…

Miss Sue’s
Miss Julianne’s

I’ll, of course, post more pictures as quilts are completed or as more completed quilts are received.  As always, thanks to everyone for sending blocks, tops and quilts and for the encouraging notes that come along with them.




  1. Yay…you are collecting bunches…if I could afford to pay more postage, I would send you more…would a quilt top help out? I could swing that if you want one…let me know!

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