My Sister Rocks!

Himself, with his eBay addiction, is generally the only one around here that gets anything interesting in the mail. No, I’m not talking about stuff wrapped in brown paper that you’d just die if your mother saw, thank you very much. Not that I’d know anything about stuff like that.  Ahem…

I mean crap like really, really old car magazines and diecast toys that no one would want unless they were, say, middle-aged men reliving their youth.  Until recently, the most exciting thing that came my way was an offer for Sensa, the weightloss supplement.  Thank you, karma, you hag.

With the whole West Quilt Train thing going on, though, my luck has changed. Most days, there’s at least one package with quilt blocks or a top or two inside. This hefty box came today…

It's kinda squishy..
It’s kinda squishy..

Care to guess what’s inside?  It came all the way from sunny California, where I’m betting the weather isn’t the least bit psychotic like it is here.


Isn’t this gorgeous!?  It’s a lap-sized quilt from Julianne, my sister from another mister, over at Quilting with Calicos.

Thank you, Julianne!  You’re going to make someone’s day!





  1. Oh I am so glad it got there ok and so quickly! You are very welcome and I sure hope it brings someone a little joy and comfort! We are “sistas from other mistas” and I am so glad to have you as one of my best quilty friends! Love ya Steph! DUDE! (Just kidding!)

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