Cloudy and Windy with a Chance of Quilting

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? Here, it’s somewhere between bi-polar and manic-depressive; frankly, I’ve had enough. This is Texas and it’s May, for Pete’s sake! We’re supposed to be bitching about the heat already.  I don’t like wind and cold and leaden skies; that’s stuff for our northern brethren to deal with.

There’s been very little going on in the quilting department this week. My Papa passed away Sunday and today was his funeral. I am trying my hardest not to be sad because his suffering’s at an end and, if Heaven’s as awesome as my Bible says, I’m totally jealous. I bet the weather doesn’t suck up there, either. Sorry for the snivelling.

Okay, back to the quilting…

I continue to receive packages of quilt blocks and tops from all over the country for the folks in West, TX.  Thank you to everyone that’s sent something my way.  I got word back that a little girl who received one of the quilts absolutely loved it!

My Mama found a rag quilt in her stash to go to West…ain’t it purty?  For adults, “ain’t” is a word; for The Co-Defendants, it’s a no-fly zone.  Just sayin’.

My Mama's quilt
My Mama’s quilt

And this is what I finished binding yesterday…


Wanna know how cold it’s been here?  Get a load of this…


Told you!

Linking to the nice folks at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Crazy Mom Quilts and  Richard and Tanya Quilt


  1. Hi your mama’s quilt is pretty and so is yours! Doggy looks comfy. Everyone loves a warm quilt 🙂

  2. Awww…..So sorry to hear about your Papa…Hugs to you Sista! LuLu is so beautiful…I just love seeing pictures of her…!

  3. Love,love,love your boxer! We have a flashy fawn and he has the best personality!

    Oh AND I “ain’t” seen a prettier quilt than that one you have created in pink,green,purple and yellow;)!!

    • Thanks, Sara! We lucked out considering she was free. We actually got her for the kids, but from all appearances, she’s my dog. My quilt is purty, ain’t it?

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