She Even Makes House Calls

I continue to be amazed at the offers of help coming in from all. over. the. place with regards to donating blocks, batting, whatever I might need to get quilts made and delivered to the town of West. It’s hard to remember, what with all the dire news coming from the media, that there really are good people out there and we outnumber the scum-suckers by a huge margin. Yay, us!

Tuesday evening, I opened my email to discover a message from my blogging friend, Nurse Jessi (you can find her blog here) offering to drive from her house over two hours away to help me bind quilts or whatever else I might need done.  Say what?!  I was fairly convinced Nurse Jessi had pulled one too many double shifts and was delirious, but no, she assured me she was serious and fully prepared to load up and head out.  I said yes.

It was about this time that it dawned on me Holy schmit, this entire house is a wreck!  Did I clean the pee off the toilet seat ’cause heaven knows those men can’t hit water to save their soul?  Is there toothpaste in the sink?  Is the toilet paper roll on right?  She’ll think I’m a hoarder if I don’t clean up the sewing area and at least ACT normal!  Picture Timon from The Lion King spazzing out and this is what I looked like.  The place was worthy of a Hoarders intervention.  Instead, I pressed The Diva into service and we stacked, shoved and generally crammed a roomful of crap into my closet.  Don’t even think of opening the door.

Anyway, back to Nurse Jessi. 

Did I mention I’d never met her before?  Nope, never.  Wouldn’t know her if I’d passed her on the street. 

My Mama has a saying: God protects idiots and children.  Decide which one you are.  Thanks, Ma.

I am happy to report, Nurse Jessi didn’t turn out to be one of those Craig’s List killers or a whackadoodle that’d bash me in the head and steal my stash.  The fabric kind, not the pot kind.  I knew she’d be alright when she came in with a box of goodies from Collin Street Bakery.  I plied her with Pepsi and loaded baked potato soup.  Hey, I have my domestic moments!

QuiltnMama and Nurse Jessi
QuiltnMama and Nurse Jessi

 Between the three of us (yep, my Mama came, too..probably to make sure she wasn’t a whackadoodle Craig’s List killer), we got ten quilts bound for West.  Actually, Nurse Jessi sewed rings around us.  If she drives like she sews, she’s missed her calling as a NASCAR driver.

In spite of a severely flatulent dog (pizza crusts from the trash at 2a.m.), we had a great time and got so much done.

Thanks, Jessi, for all your help.  It was such fun to finally meet you!



  1. I had a blast! The soup and family were amazing! I am glad that I was able to help- not only you, but the poor folks in west!
    I am ready for next time!

    • Ms. Jess, if you go again anytime soon PLEASE let me know. I would love to help any way I can. May the Lord Bless you many times over for your efforts

  2. What a cool share. 😀 I love so much when folks come together to sew for others. It’s really fun that the colors all look so great on the fence there! Thanks for linking this at TGIFF, and I hope you all 3 have a very good weekend.

  3. So glad she wasn’t a whackadoodle serial killer because it would have been a real pity not to get all those lovely quilts done.

    Im having a bit of a giggle at the thought of you running round madly trying to make your house look normal . I did that a couple of Sundays ago when someone came by unexpectedly. Why do people only drop by when my house looks like a rubbish tip?

    • I think it must be a sixth sense some folks have…’Hey, her house looks like an episode of Hoarders..let’s stop by’. Relatives…eh, who cares? Total strangers…I’d at least like to make a good first impression before they figure out I’m a complete nutcase.

  4. Can I Mail you a little boy quilt?
    Just finished, but needs a home.
    It has bugs, lizards, trucks n stuff.

  5. You are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up and you will be blessed.
    I’m making quilts for Bryna’s daughter that lost her apartment in a fire. I don’t know that I
    can make all 15 (there are 13 kids) but I’m giving it a try.

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