West-bound Quilt Train

It started innocently enough with a plea for help on Facebook: two boxes of quilt tops I’d pieced over a couple of years in need of tying, headed for the people of West, Texas.  Anybody in my area wanting to help out wouldn’t be turned away.  Just a couple of helping hands (hopefully attached to people, but hey, I wasn’t gonna complain as long as they worked) to channel their inner Larry the Cable Guy and get ‘er dun!  Alas, no one was close which is kind of what I expected but Mama always said it never hurt to ask.  Between the five of us that day, we got them all tied.

And then, presto, it happened and I’ve found myself heading up a quilt drive.  Frankly, I’m really intimidated.  I can barely get The Co-Defendants clothed and fed and out the door for school without a full-scale four-alarm meltdown.  Outside of work, my organizational and multi-tasking capabilities are pretty much nil.  I can’t even type this post and watch the hockey hotties at the same time.  I mean, really!?

But, I digress.    

Offers started pouring in from all over the country and a foreign country or two: did I want blocks, backing, tops, finished quilts?  Each time I responded I’d take whatever was sent.  This wasn’t like those times I have to lie like a dog and assure a certain relative (NOT YOU, MA!) that I think her pork chop recipe is simply da bomb.  This time I really meant it.  Yes, I am aware you can go to hell for lying but little white lies in the name of familial tranquility  trumps honesty every time.  Please, God, don’t let her bring me pork chops if I’m ever bed-bound.  AmenAnd please don’t let her face be the last one I see should I check out.  Amen and amen again. 

Anyhoo, the plea went out last Thursday and today in my mailbox, came these…

From Brigitte in MI
From Brigitte in MI
From Brigitte in MI
From Brigitte in MI

The fabrics in these blocks are so soft and delicate…they’ll make a wonderful baby quilt.  The quilt top is bright and spunky, perfect for a boy.

Thank you, Brigitte in Michigan, for your generous contribution!

I’ve included a small tag with each completed quilt saying ‘With love from…’ and naming the city, state, country.  If you want your name on it, let me know.

Most folks I’ve talked to know someone who’s been affected by the West explosion so it seems I’ll be handing out quilts instead of having them sit for who knows how long in a storage facility waiting to be sorted through.  The first quilt gets delivered tomorrow to a little girl with several more possibly going out later in the week.  

Thanks, y’all!







  1. I am off the next 2 days. I will gladly help you with whatever you need. Really. I will come to you- I will bring whatever you need me to bring. Including fabric. I have an entire roll of batting (ok, minus 2 fullish size quilts.) I will gladly go to Joanns in Waco and get another whole roll! I just need you to let me know. I have one top done, but not tied yet. I have another that I lack the 2 big seams to have it finished. Just sayin. All you have to do is say the word.

    • Oh, my gosh, I couldn’t ask you to drive here, girl! ARE YOU REALLY SERIOUS?! That is so sweet.

      I’m off work tomorrow and plan to bind as many as I can after dropping The Co-Defendants at school. I found homes for 5 more quilts today..going to a nursing home where some of the displaced folks wound up. If you’re really serious, reply again and we’ll go from there. OMG, you are crazy!!!!

    • What, you mean you’re not hopping on a plane right this minute?! With luck, and Nurse Jessi’s help, we’ll get some quilts whipped out tomorrow!

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